Fatih is one of the largest and central districts of Istanbul, Turkey, in the heart of the city. Since it constitutes the old quarter of the city that was taken by Mehmed the Conqueror on May 29, 1453, even today it is also called the real Istanbul or the first Istanbul. Previously, the district of Eminönü at the tip of the historic peninsula was also a part of the Fatih district. Today, the districts of Fatih and Eminönü comprise the historic peninsula up to the Theodosian land walls at the western end of the old city center, i.e. the areas which together constituted the Byzantine capital Constantinople.

Fatih sits within the Roman walls, is home to the Fatih Mosque, the first Ottoman imperial mosque in Istanbul, and the second prominent Ottoman mosque in the city after the Eyüp Sultan Mosque which is just outside the land walls, near the Golden Horn. Since it is the primary historical area of the city, it contains some of the most important historical monuments in Istanbul.

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