Nişantaşı reminds one of the popular cities such as Paris and Vienna with its magnificent historical buildings, luxurious shops and cafes. There you can you can see the most luxurious cars and the most elegant people of Istanbul of course along with the special stores of the most expensive brands.
One of the most popular avenues of Nişantaşı is the Abdi İpekçi Avenue. On this street, you can see the shops of many famous brands such as Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Roberto Cavalli, Hugo Boss, Alexander McQueen one after another. Dozens of shops, restaurants and cafes which compete with each other in luxury and magnificence welcome the most distinguished and the wealthy guests of the district. The cafes in the Reasürans Arcade, Beymen Cafe, Buz Bar, The North Shields and Niş are some of the alternatives we can recommend you for your breaks.
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