St Constantine & Helena

The picturesque resort of St. Konstantin & Helena is one of the oldest on the Black Sea coast. Situated in a fine old park with cypresses, lilies and fig trees, quiet bays, sand beaches and curative mineral springs, the resort offers comfortable hotels, villa-settlements and holiday houses, modern restaurants serving national and European cuisine and sports and entertainment for any age. The climate is Mediterranean with high concentration of light negative ions. The name of the resort comes from the nearby situates monastery St Constantine and Elena, which was built at the beginning of the 18th century. This was the favorite recreational place for the people of Varna long before the Liberation; the richer ones had rooms reserved for them in the monastery; others built summer houses amidst the woods.
Visitors to St Konstantin can still enjoy a stay at the monastery together with a high- quality restaurant. StConstantine and Elena resort is a small and secluded paradise. It is the best place for rest and recreation.

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