It’s World Bicycle Day Today, so before you jump on your two-wheeled contraption and head down the road, take a look at our list of travel destinations. You may find your journey suddenly goes a little further than anticipated. And to paraphrase the words of Freddie Mercury, we hope this list makes you “want to ride it where you like!”, and perhaps even give your bell a ring.


We decided to start this list with possibly the most obvious destination. In fact, I’m pretty sure in the Netherlands, every day is bicycle day! There is pretty much nowhere in the country where you cannot ride a bicycle, including the highway. Bring your own bicycle or save yourself the hassle and rent the many options available, from old and quaint to new and modern. Travelling through this level country scape is definitely worth adding to your bucket list.

Yangshuo, China

China may not be what pops into your mind first when you think of cycling or taking a bicycle tour, however, rural China has inspired artists for centuries. The limestone mountainscape of this area is surreal. Take a leisurely ride through these unbelievable views, and meander to Xingping, a town about as old as the art the area has inspired. It is definitely worth experiencing all the history and the nature this area has to offer.


Like the Netherlands, Nepal should not be a surprising addition to this list. Known already as a popular biking destination, the Himalayan mountain range that surrounds Nepal is a great challenge for the avid mountain biker. This trail takes several days to complete, but fear not, you will be greeted by accommodating locals, breathtaking rivers, and no shortage of challenging heights to reach while being rewarded with the ultimate views and photo opportunities.

The Baltics

Travel through the old world countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for a truly magical experience. You can take an 11-day tour through this enchanted landscape. From small medieval towns to untouched natural fauna, this trail is worth taking your time to indulge in. You can choose to stick to the small towns or add the big cities to your trip as well along the way.


If cycling through Nepal still seems a little too mainstream for you, then why not take the road less travelled and enjoy a trip through the mountainous landscapes of Peru. Take a meander through the countryside to the pride of Peru, the Inca ruins. While many rural scenes will greet you, this option that not many tourists know about will definitely give you a sense of adventure, as well as many interesting stories to take home with you.

Cape Town, South Africa

The Winelands in the Western Cape of South Africa may be one of the country's most treasured tourist destinations. The beautiful mountainous landscapes of the Winelands is the pride of Cape Town, and it’s no wonder either. If the picturesque views aren’t enough to convince you, stop along the way and try the award-winning South African wines en route, many a friendly winemaker will be happy to share their craft and history with you.


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