Brown mixed shelter dogs outsideWhether you’re a dog lover or a cat fanatic, people in the UK absolutely love their pets. In 2015 it was estimated that there were 8.5 million pet dogs and 7.4 million pet cats. That’s more than the entire population of either Portugal or Greece. Any pet owner will tell you that their Fido or Felix is a part of the family, there has even been a term coined for this, ‘fur baby.’ Given our pet obsession, it’s no surprise that for many, a holiday isn’t a holiday without bringing our little fuzzy friends along too. Luckily, there are thousands of hotels across Europe and North America that are more than willing to oblige our animal-loving ways. But how to choose which hotel or resort is perfect for both you and your pet? Some hotels charge exorbitant prices for bringing your dog or cat, while others have strict policies which keep Rover cooped up inside. For those who can’t bear the thought of leaving their beloved feline or canine at home, or at a kennel, these ten hotels really go above and beyond for their furry guests.

United Kingdom

The UK remains a pet-friendly holiday option for visitors from surrounding EU countries until the laws change, so visitors can bring along their dog or cat without quarantine. From the wild highlands in Scotland to the lush Lake District, there are green spaces galore and plenty of national parks and walking trails suitable for long, leisurely dog walks and games of fetch. Also, all leashed dogs (and cats!) are welcome to ride on the National Rail of England.


The Goodwood Hotel offers excellent value for money and tons of outdoor and leisure activities to enjoy. The expansive hotel has 93 chic rooms and a stylish restaurant that serves inventive and tasty fare. Both you and your pooch will be pampered at this ritzy sporting estate, where guests can bring their dogs to The Kennels, the famous private members club where the Duke of Richmond’s foxhounds used to be housed. You can request gourmet dog treats and walking maps outlining the most dog-friendly trails. Dogs are also welcomed in the main dining room and may sleep in your room, so it will feel just like home. And if you think that only dogs are spoiled for choice here, think again. Guests are treated as club members for the duration of their stay, so all of the estate’s facilities including the golf course, health spa, horse track, and pool are all free to enjoy. With so much to do on offer, the Goodwood Hotel is a wonderful weekend escape for active families with pets.


View of Eiffel Tower


The city renowned for romance also has a love affair with man’s best friend. Paris is one of the most pet-friendly cities in Europe and dogs are welcome to sit at your feet while you dine at a sidewalk cafe or bistro, small dogs can be held on the Paris Metro and bus. There is even a Taxi Dog, a taxi company that gives lifts to people with furry travel companions. There is no shortage of dog-friendly hotels scattered across Paris, so no matter what your budget is, there is sure to be excellent options at your price point. We’ve selected two hotels that bring Parisian charm, affordability and convenient location together in one pet-friendly package. Hotel De La Motte Picquet welcomes dogs of all sizes at no extra charge (as long as they are well behaved!) This attractive little hotel is located in the prestigious 7th arrondissement only a short walk from the Rodin Museum and the Eiffel Tower, and plenty of parks for dog walking. The rooms are cosy and showcase that quintessential French refinement.The Hotel Le Compostelle is another exceptional choice for pet owners travelling to Paris. Located in the heart of the famous Le Marais district, the 3-Star hotel is within walking distance to many museums including the Louvre, the Pompidou Centre and Notre Dame. There is no additional charge for small dogs who are welcome to remain in the guest's room.

Canary Islands

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 10.04.59 AMHotel Botanico and the Oriental Spa Garden 

Swaddled in lush gardens and tropical flora, this 5-star Tenerife resort is unrivalled in elegance and hospitality. Honeymooners and families will have no problem relaxing within the stunning surroundings that include a dazzling pool deck, high-end spa and ultra-swanky restaurant. The hotel offers many activities for children including a kids club and babysitting services. While unfortunately furry family members are not allowed in the pool, restaurant or lavish gardens, the hotel offers complimentary pet beds and water and food bowls. The Concierge is also very accommodating, should Fido need anything additional during your stay. There is a daily pet accommodation fee of 15€ and a cleaning fee of 50€, which is a small price to pay to bring your pet along with your to paradise.

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The Netherlands

Amsterdam is renowned for being a super dog-friendly city and is definitely one of the most pet-friendly holiday destinations on our list. In Amsterdam, dogs are everywhere! Most shops, bars and restaurants allow entrance for four-legged friends. Dogs of all sizes are free on public transportation systems including metro, trams and busses. On trains, it's only 3€ for a dog day pass. Amsterdam also has many superb dog-friendly parks including Vondelpark the largest and Flevopark which even has a swimming area for dogs in the summer!

Hotel Sebastian 

This ultra-cool boutique hotel is located right on a canal in the Jordaan district and an easy distance to the train station and many of the city's best attractions and restaurants. It is also close to Haarlemmerstraat where there are lots of quirky shops and outdoor markets. The rooms are snug and stylish with all the amenities you and your furry travel buddy need. The hotel bar's interior is lacquered in black and purple for a modern and upscale atmosphere and is the perfect place for an evening cocktail or beer. The hotel allows small dogs at no extra cost.

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Surfing_Dog_8Loews Santa Monica, California

A holiday to California is perfect for dog-lovers, with lots of sunshine and loads of hiking trails, beaches and parks at your doorstep, Fido is welcome almost everywhere you go. The Loews Hotel chain is one of the most pet-friendly chains in the world and has been known to welcome pets of all shapes, sizes and species into their rooms. Their branch in sunny Santa Monica stays true to the slogan, “Loews Loves Pets” by offering world-class services to their four-legged friends, without the fine print. From water bowls and beds to dog walkers, your dog is well cared for. Once a year every Loews Hotel hosts a ‘bark breakfast’ where waiters serve dogs gourmet goodies and pour water into silver doggie bowls. What really makes Santa Monica stand out for both families and pets, is its close proximity to the popular Santa Monica pier and beach where there is always lots to see and many restaurants to enjoy. And on the beach, you'll find the Coronado Surfing Academy, a surf school for people and dogs!


New York Central ParkThe Big Apple is a venerable playground for both holidaymakers and their canine companions. While the city has a host of pet-friendly hotels, we highlighted three hotels that really outshine the rest in style, location and hospitality. The Ritz Carlton Central Park South is the definition of sophistication and class, and gives every guest the royal treatment. The hotel’s prime location means it’s right across the street from Central Park, New York City’s biggest puppy playground. The iconic park is a wonderful place for a stroll, picnic and quality time with Fido. The Benjamin is located in Midtown and offers homey, well-equipped rooms that include kitchenettes and lots of bonus amenities that make it a hit with families. What’s more, the hotel doesn’t leave Fido out of the mix and spoils dogs with three types of dog beds to choose from, speciality doggy dinners that you can have delivered to your room and even mini bathrobes! Eventi is a classically stylish hotel in Chelsea known for its extra perks and flamboyant edge. Pets here can enjoy complimentary water bowls, leashes and toys as well as curl up on super cute bone-motif beds.


xpuhapalaceThe Xpu-Ha Palace Resort is an eco-resort that is perfect for travellers looking for an all-inclusive package in the Caribbean. The thatched roof rooms look like they are straight out of Robinson Crusoe, and the resort’s super pet-friendly policies mean you can bring two pets (dogs and cats) up to 55lbs. There is no additional fee for the first dog, and their pet package includes a special pet bed, waste bags for dogs, litter box, scoop and scratching posts for cats as well as grooming.

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