1. Specialise

Travel information is at every consumers' fingertip these days, so much so that they have become “generalist travel agents”. When they go to a Travel Agent nowadays, it really means that they are seeking a true specialist who can offer them something that they can’t find on the internet. Pick a few specific locations or activities and become an authority on them. By doing this, you will always be the one that people will seek advice from so that they get that “insider information”.

2. Personalise

If you are a Travel Agent that is really looking to stand out, your answer is to deliver customised service to you clients. Give your clients a highly personalised service and recommendations right from the start to show them that you have something better to offer than what they can find online. Find out what their pain points, wants and needs are, and you can help to deliver them the travel experience of their dreams!

3. Create

Unique Experiences Everyone wants to feel like their travel experience is unique to every other person – hence the reason why consumers are creating their own DIY travel plan. Create unique experiences through giving access to special events or people and differentiate yourself. The more unique the experience, the more value you are adding to your client.

4. Utilise Social Media

Never underestimate the power of Social Media! Use Social Media as a platform to show consumers your expertise. Travel tips, top destinations, do’s and don’ts etc, are a great way to show these off.

5. Improve the efficiency of Processes

With all the digital transformations that are happening continuously, it is important to make sure that all your operational processes are efficient and up-to-date. Consumers want immediate satisfaction, and if they feel like you are slowing them down from getting their dream travel experience, they will find another way.

6. Sell Your Expertise

Advertising deals is great but these days it is tough to beat the deals that are available on the internet and it will continue to get harder. But when it comes to selling your expert advice and personalised service it is unique to you and your business. Rather focus on transforming your business to one that is an expert in travel than just be another platform of deal offerings.

7. Always Continue Learning

With a continuously evolving travel industry, you are never done with your learning. Everyday there is something new to keep up with in the industry news and the latest in marketing strategies. Make sure that you continue to learn and that you are always up-to-date so that you stay up to speed as an industry expert.

8. Think Outside the Box

Offer your clients different packages rather than traditional ones. They can find the traditional anywhere, but if you really want a competitive advantage have a wider variety of options for your clients to help them make the best travel choices.

9. Be Mobile

Today it is all about mobility and the greater your flexibility is as a Travel Agent the better it is for your client as you can meet on their terms. For some reason they may not be able to meet you at your office or during normal working hours, but if you are mobile you can still work around this and help them in a unique way. Embrace flexibility.

10. Have a Good Website

There is nothing worse than viewing a website that is not user-friendly, offers no insight and is an eye-sore. Make your travel expertise really shine through your website through good design, compelling content and a user-friendly website.

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