Visiting a new city is always exciting, it is the greatest way to immerse yourself in the history, culture and language of your surroundings. But with so many places in the world to explore there never seems to be enough time. Sometimes we have no more than a day to spend in a new city and the idea of squeezing everything in is daunting. This dilemma is enough to keep you from straying too far from the hotel. When you don’t have a week to spare, we show you how to make the most out of your abbreviated stay. This week we are in Amsterdam, the picturesque city known for its famous canals and museums, as well as the infamous Red Light District. The agenda has been prioritized to focus on the biggest sights in Amsterdam, as well as showcasing the diversity of the city. It’s a very full day; boating, biking and walking through the city from dawn until way after dusk. But afterwards you will have seen the greatest glimpse of Amsterdam that 24 hours permits. Let the countdown begin! Amsterdam7:30 - An early morning stroll through the streets, as the city wakes up is the perfect time to see Amsterdam before the floods of tourists wake-up. 8:00 - If your hotel offers breakfast we suggest taking advantage of the free meal to save time and money. If not, pop into a cafe during your walk for a quick coffee and a piece of appelgebak (apple tart) a must for every Amsterdam visitor. Slice of Apple Pie9:00 - Take a tour of the city from the perfect vantage point on a canal cruise. We suggest riding with the Canal Cruise Company. Tours leave daily starting at 9 AM and last for an hour, so you see the major sights without committing the whole day to being stuck on a boat. 10:00 - Skip the queues at the Anne Frank House (because you purchased your tickets online, you savvy traveler!) You'll step back in time to experience what life in hiding during WWII was like for the Frank family. Something to consider, the last part of the tour requires climbing a very steep staircase, which might prove difficult for some visitors. Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands12:30 – Conveniently located close to the Anne Frank House is an Amsterdam culinary institution. The Pancake Bakery is a snug, dimly lit restaurant located in the 17th century Hope building. This historical landmark was once owned by the Dutch East Indian Trading Company. Here, is where you get lost in pancake nirvana. The menu is extensive and offers a delicious variety of savoury and sweet toppings for your pannenkoek. Many of these hearty pancake dishes are named after nationalities like “Hungarian” and “Thai" which make for an exotic dining experience. You can also build your own pancakes if you choose. And for dessert? Toppings like cinnamon ice cream, cherry liquor and Nutella are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 14:00 - Hop on a rental bike and start burning off those pancakes as you ride over to Museum Square, only 12 minutes away, to enjoy two of the most acclaimed art museums in Europe. The Rijksmuseum: The largest collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age is on display here. The collections here include Rembrandt’s most famous piece The Night Watch and Vermeer’s The Milkmaid. The Van Gogh Museum: As the name suggests, this popular museum is devoted entirely to Vincent Van Gogh’s work, life, legacy and contemporaries. Divided into two wings, the Rietveld building houses the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. The Kurokawa wing also displays major temporary exhibitions. 18:00 - After having your fill of fine art and culture it is now an appropriate time to loosen up a bit. Bike over to the Condomerie, the world’s only boutique shop dedicated to, you guessed it, the condom. Stop by one of the many chips shops in the area and pick up this famous street food. Red Light District in Amsterdam18:30 - Since you are in the neighbourhood (and the sun is going down) how about a casual stroll through the Red Light District. There are plenty of funky stores, cafes and of course a coffee shop or two to keep your senses stimulated until dinner. Two of the best-reviewed coffee shops are: Katsu Coffee shop is a bit out of the way but it is well known as a “hidden gem” for those who seek it out. Barney's Coffee shop is one of the three Barney’s locations (the Lounge and Uptown are the other two) and is know as “Amsterdam’s most original and futuristic coffeeshop.” 20:00 - All the biking and walking has worked up an appetite, now it’s time to dine at Van Kerkwijk, located behind Dam square. This inconspicuous looking restaurant is more than what it appears. Rustic wooden tables and glowing candles might be homely, but the impeccably prepared cuisine and attentive staff ensure a fining dining experience. Van Kerkwijk delivers an ever-changing variety of sensational fare that is recited at your table by the wait staff. No menus here! International dishes like succulent Moroccan tagines, spicy Indonesian curries, as well as European classics such as gamey French-styled pate and Italian Carpaccio have made past appearances. Van Kerkwijk Cafe and Restaurant 21:30 - Amsterdam is just as alive after dark as it is during the daytime. With hundreds of watering holes to choose from we have narrowed it down to three extraordinary bars for your libation pleasure. Bubbles & Wines This sleek and modern wine bar is located near Dam Square. It has an extensive list of over 50 international wines, perfectly poured and stored for optimum flavour. Vesper Bar Is an unpretentious but modern cocktail lounge with wildly creative drinks and an award-winning bar staff. Vesper Bar is located near the trendy shopping district of Haarlemmerdijk. Cafe Belgique This tiny bohemian bar is a local favourite and serves over 50 Belgium beers. 00:00 - All good things must come to an end. Now it is time to take a taxi back to your hotel and collapse in  bed for a good night’s rest. You deserve it. You have just experienced the best of Amsterdam in 24 hours.

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