A French-speaking city of Switzerland, Geneva is a fascinating place with a cosmopolitan flair and is becoming increasingly popular. It is the country’s most international city because it is where the European seat of UNO is based and culturally it has a lot to offer.

Here, we have picked some of our favourite things to see in 48 hours...


Parc des Bastions (Under 10-minute walk to The Old Town)

In the heart of the city, escape into a stunning promenade of lined trees and enjoy some quiet time. Admire the many monuments, the most popular being the Reformation Wall. Amongst the greenery, you will also find a life-sized chess set. 


The Old Town (Around 5-minute walk to Saint Pierre Cathedral)

Transport to a tranquil past world when visiting The Old Town of Geneva. With a multicultural character and lively atmosphere, it is often referred to as the smallest metropolis. It boasts many places to eat and drink as well as a range of cultural sites. From a beautiful cathedral to a number of galleries, you can enjoy many hours of wandering here.


Saint Pierre Cathedral

Known as the adopted home to Protestant Reformation leader John Calvin, the Cathedral today belongs to the Reformed Protestant Church of Geneva. Sat next to The Old Town on the peak of the hill, it holds amazing views of the city and lake, although, you’ll have to climb 157 steps to see them.


Natural History Museum of Geneva (Approx. 15-minute walk to Jet D'Eau)

Switzerland’s largest natural history museum, it is the city’s most famous and is free to enter for all editors. The museum's main themes are animals but they cover a range of other topics including the solar system, origins of man, minerals, geology and the Lake Geneva region.


Jet D'Eau

One of the city's most famous landmarks, the Jet D’Eau is a huge fountain in Lake Geneva. The powerful water jet, which shoots 500 litres of water to a height of 140 meters, has become a symbol of strength, ambition and vitality.

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