Easily reached from Sofia airport, Bansko is Bulgaria’s top ski resort. The quaint town tucked away in the Bulgarian mountains is very popular with skiers and snowboarders who flock to Bansko during winter months. However, Bansko is so much more than its snowy ski slopes and it’s a destination worth visiting all year round. Here are the top 5 reasons why Bansko should be on everyone’s Eastern Europe itinerary.

1. Skiing in winter

The most obvious reason why anyone should plan a trip to Bansko is that it’s a ski lover’s heaven. There are ski runs for everyone, from absolute beginners to ski experts while there are also some great opportunities for night skiing. Moreover, Bansko is ideal for snowboarders who wish to show off their latest tricks as well as families who want to have fun in the snow. Most importantly, snow activities are great value for money and, overall, a stay in Bansko is very affordable.

2. Hiking in summer

Bansko is conveniently situated near three of Bulgaria’s mountain ridges, Rila, Pirin and Rhodope. During summer months, these mountains offer unique hiking opportunities with breathtaking views of gorgeous landscapes, alpine lakes and UNESCO world heritage sites. For the less adventurous, a stroll around Gollak Hill at the nearby town of Razlog is only a short drive from Bansko.

3. Tasting exquisite wine all year round

Bulgaria has a very old winemaking tradition and the country produces some of the most superb varieties. In Bansko, exquisite wines from the nearby wine region of Melnik are served in stylish bars. Traditional restaurants called mehanas are scattered across the town and they also serve wonderful local house wine. Apart from bringing great pleasure to one’s taste buds, wine tasting in Bansko is also extremely affordable.

4. Strolling around Bansko Old Town all year round

Being one of the best ski resorts in the Balkans, Bansko attracts large numbers of visitors and has seen rapid development in recent years. Fortunately, though, this increased influx of tourists has by no means altered the old-fashioned charm of its picturesque Old Town. Wandering around the narrow cobblestone streets and taking in the beauty of the Old Town’s traditional ambience is utterly enjoyable any time of year.

5. Indulging in 5-star heated pools and spas

Bansko has no shortage of 5-star hotels with amazing heated pools and exceptional spa facilities. Although such hotels are not unique to the Bulgarian mountain town, they are certainly way more affordable than elsewhere in the world. Guests at said hotels are usually granted free access to all this luxury. Non-resident guests can also offer themselves a spa day for a reasonable fee. What can be more relaxing than sipping cocktails in the warmth of a heated pool while enjoying some spectacular views of the surrounding mountains?

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