Are you planning on visiting Cyprus next holiday season? If so, Paphos is an exciting city in Cyprus that is just begging to be explored. If you ever find yourself in the district of Paphos, the following 5 activities should definitely entertain and excite!

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

Have a full day of aquatic adventures on the many slides and attractions offered at the popular Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark. It is the biggest waterpark in the region and it offers a lazy river, plunge-down slides, a kids’ zone and even a wave pool. There are two-day tickets available for those who want to explore the park to its fullest.

Kato Paphos Archaeology Park

Cyprus has so many archaeological treasures on offer, and the Kato Paphos Archaeology Park is definitely one of them. The park is located near the harbour and is made up of a range of structures mostly from the Roman era. Pottering around the park, you’ll find century-old mosaics, a small arena which is still used as a performing venue, and the Tombs of Kings.

Hike The Troodos Mountains

Not far outside the city lie the charming Troodos Mountains, with tiny villages and olive groves lining its foothills. The tallest peak of the mountain range is the famous Mount Olympus, which even receives snow in the wintertime. On your hike, you’ll come across pine trees and even Byzantine churches and monasteries.

Enjoy The Coastline

A holiday in Paphos is not complete without some much-needed beach time. The Paphos district boasts a total of 27 beaches, so you have the choice of touristic beaches with beachside dining options, as well as more secluded beaches if you make an effort to get a little out of town. Either way, you’ll enjoy warm water and amazing swimming experiences. Snorkelling is also a popular activity along the coastline as the waters surrounding Cyprus are home to many marine animals.

Medieval Castle Of Paphos

This castle is a wonderful attraction for those interested in the area’s history. It can be found guarding the mouth of Paphos’s harbour. It is a short, rectangular structure that was once a Byzantine fortress that played a part in many of the famous Cyprian historical events. This castle also served as a prison, as well as a salt warehouse, but is now a popular historical landmark.

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