Today, October 21st 2015, marks the date that Marty McFly and Doc traveled to in the 1989 cult classic; Back to the Future Part II. A day that has been widely, and excitedly anticipated world-wide to see whether the predictions made in the film would by realised. Amazingly, many have been!
  • Prediction: Virtual reality / TV Goggles > Reality: Oculus Rift / Google Glass
  • Prediction: Video Calls > Reality: Skype, Facetime etc.
  • Prediction: Hoverboards > Reality: almost there! Lexus' Hoverboard
Here at hoppa however, we're looking back at the film itself, and we've celebrated the fact by adding an 'Easter-egg' to our website - our newest transfer option is the famous DeLorean DMC12! Unfortunately, we couldn't gather the Plutonium necessary to make this a true reality, but we wish we could have. If your travels weren't restricted by time and space, where would you go?! Let us know in the comments! DeLoreanOnsite

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