While holidays should be about uncovering hidden gems, sipping cocktails by the pool and experiencing new cultures, many of us will have experienced feeling unwell at points during a holiday. Whether it’s the change in water, exposure to hot weather, the effects of a flight or sampling new cuisine, many aspects of a holiday introduce our bodies to different environments and previously unsampled products.

Fortunately, falling ill on holiday needn’t mean that the rest of the time in a write off. Our newest infographic explores some of the most common holiday illness and how best to avoid contracting them. For anyone unlucky enough to pick up one of these illnesses we’ve compiled the most effective ways to treat them, so you can party up a storm in Ibiza, relax on the beach in Majorca and pound the pavements in Paris

So, forget about an unsettled stomach ruining your holiday or your trip being spoilt by travel sickness. Just remember, you should always consult a doctor or pharmacist if an illness worsens or persists beyond a certain period.



25/06/2018 10:07:27

Used this service on a number of occasions. Apart from the odd long wait more than 45 minutes and without any information it is a very cost effective way and efficient way of getting to your destination and back if needed. I would recommend it. We use it a lot when we fly into Alicante and the service is good. Have not tried it anywhere else.

Seamus Hayden

01/06/2018 13:14:03

Of all the holiday bus tranfares I have used over the years I can say for certain that Hoppa is the Best 5 all the way

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