While the global pandemic is no laughing matter, and neither is the travel industry at present, with restrictions creating for many an unhappy traveller, April Fools’ is the perfect opportunity to inject some much-needed sense of humour and lightheartedness into a rather gloomy situation.

As we celebrate April Fools’ Day, we’re determined to bring smiles to travellers’ faces with these pranks pulled off by popular brands in the travel industry. And while wishing that some of these pranks were true, we also wish to bring a bit of laughter in your lives as we await the opening of the global travel industry.

Were You Just About To Book A Ride On A Self-Drive Bicycle? You Were Weren’t You?

An almost believable April Fools’ prank, with self-drive motor vehicles a partial reality these days, we found this prank of a self-drive bicycle, a clever one. According to LonelyPlanet.com, “Google Netherlands alleged that they were introducing a self-driving bicycle in Amsterdam, to enable safe navigation through the city and further its ambition to improve urban mobility with technology. On your bike, Google. Watch here: Google Netherlands”

You believed That You’d Be Served By WestJet’s Inflight Robot, Right?

If you have yet to hear about RALFH, we’ll tell you that it’s more LOL than AI. If you read this story already and actually believed that, you’d be served hand and foot by the mechanical kind, sadly, this is not the case. In this April Fools’ joke, WestJet, a Canadian airline, tried to fool everyone by stating that their newest crew member, a robot food handler, would soon be delivering inflight orders to passengers. 

If Business Class Is Real, Surely A Kids’ Only Class Is too?

When Virgin Australia introduced their adult-free children’s cabin filled to the brim with teddies and bubbles on demand, and of-course unrestricted seating, adults were jumping for joy. But they were to be fooled with Virgin Australia providing the ultimate parent prank!

Stressing Over Your Luggage Weight? Already Biting Your Nails?

A clever April Fools’ prank played by Danish newspaper, Berlingske, involved a claim that a brand new rule was being implemented with regards to luggage weight and fees. According to LonelyPlanet.com, “Danish newspaper Berlingske claimed that a new rule was being introduced where aeroplane passengers would have to pay a fee for every extra kilo they and their luggage combined weighed over 105 kilos.” Read more: Berlingske


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