Back in January we released our annual report on the cheapest and most expensive holiday destinations. Landing its spot as the 5th most expensive city was Stockholm. The city was the 5th most expensive for a holiday, taking into account travel, hotel, attractions, food and drink.

Stockholm was in the top 10 most expensive destinations for dinner and cocktails for two. So we wanted to find out if it was possible to visit luxury Stockholm on a budget…Welcome wellness and lifestyle blogger, Em Sheldon.

We challenged Em Sheldon to visit Stockholm for 48 hours on a budget. From activities to transport to food and drink, Em filmed her journey from start to finish, giving tips and tricks for a luxury Stockholm trip on a budget. If you want to find out what Emma got up to, check out her video below.

Foodies rejoice: many of Em’s tips give insight into where and what to eat to save splashing the cash in Stockholm. When you’re travelling and looking to save money, it can be tricky especially when it comes to eating and drinking. We understand sometimes you want fine dining without having to fork out for it. We have good news for you, whilst travelling around Stockholm on a budget, Em discovered cost effective restaurants and cafés. We then did a little extra research to give you further options.


  • Stockholm doesn’t really have a tipping culture, so there is potential to save this way.

  • Food markets - It's worth looking out for delis and food markets such as Ostermalm Saluhall and Hotorgetshallen Market for cheaper eats.

  • ‘Dagens lunch’ - Daily lunch deals (main, side and drink) are available at so many restaurants in Sweden!

  • ‘Fika at a Fik’ aka coffee and a cake in a pastry shop!

  • Fill up on breakfast - We filled up massively on breakfast and didn't even have 3 meals all day!

  • Happy hour - so many places offered happy hour!

Coffee breaks and snacks:

There are plenty of eateries in Stockholm, when you’re in need of a caffeine pit stop, but if you want to limit how much you spend, these cafés are the perfect option.

The budget options:

The first place Em recommended was Drop Coffee. Located in a 'hipster' neighbourhood, this café has top quality coffee. Coffee prices vary depending on what you get but she spent around £3-4 here.
Another café was Fabrique. Emma spent around £9 in Fabrique on two coffees and a large cinnamon pastry to share. They recently opened a Fabrique in London, following its popularity in Sweden. It’s also the most Instagrammable coffee shop to exist. If you want top quality coffee and delicious cake, try Fabrique.

The luxury option:

Café Schweizer is located in the Old Town, here you can take a break and enjoy a coffee and pastries. The average cost of a coffee here is £5, the pastries also range from £3 - £6 each so it could potentially cost over £10 per person. This is double the amount of money compared to cafés like Fabrique.


The budget options:

The Stockholm Brunch Club is a good option for breakfast. With juices coming in at around £5, acai bowls around £9 and eggs around £7. These are typical London brunch prices, but Em found the food here to be super fresh, very healthy, full of variety and with a great atmosphere.

Another idea for breakfast would be to visit the Urban Deli, which serves fresh fruit, snacks, bread and deli meats. Em found cured meats such as salami to be really cheap, around £3 per packet that should do a couple of breakfasts if you’re self-catering.  

The luxury option:

Alternately you can visit the Rival Bistro and Café. The Rival restaurant serves breakfast buffets every day from 6:30am during the week and from 7am on weekends. From pancakes, pastries, fresh fruit and hot food, there’s something for everyone. The price per person, if you are not a guest at the hotel is £21 per person. In comparison to other cafés and breakfast bars, it’s expensive. Especially when you take into account the number of cafés at half the price that provide good quality food. If you are on the go and want something quick, visiting a Deli is a great option.


A mid afternoon snack is always a good idea, especially if you’ve been walking all day exploring the city. Depending on how hungry you are, there are cheap options in Stockholm.

The budget options:

Babel Deli has a great range of food, you can get huge mezze salads and wraps for around £7. The food is high quality and there’s a huge variety, it’s perfect for a mid-afternoon snack.

Herman's Vegetarian Restaurant is another spot Em recommended. The lunch was around £18 each for an all you can eat buffet. It is a vegetarian buffet but there's a lot of choice, and it's well worth it for the fresh bread, soup and varied veggies on offer.

The luxury option:

Wedholms Fisk offers luxury lunches, with a menu mainly featuring fish and seafood, and a price tag to match. The prices vary depending on what you order, but for a set menu you could be looking at £55, which is a huge difference in price compared to restaurants like Oaxen, where you can order 3 dishes for £13.


Em found some great restaurants that don’t have a huge price tag, perfect for those looking to stay on a budget.

The budget options:

Omnipollos Hat is a local bar serving the best craft beers and pizza. A medium sized pizza will set you back around £9, and is handmade, super fresh and topped with high-quality ingredients.

Babel Deli, which was also mentioned on our lunch list, serves up fresh meze dishes and a wide range of food at a small cost. On average, it costs under £9, for an evening meal out, including starters, main and a drink.
The luxury option:

Kommendoren has a great atmosphere and the food is delicious, making this restaurant so popular. For just a main course, you’re looking at spending £20. Add to that drinks, starters and desserts, and your bill will quickly rack up. Although this is a luxury option and a nice restaurant, if you’re looking at saving your money, restaurants like Babel Deli and Omnipollos Hat are perfect.

Greta in Haymarket Hotel - If you're looking for a luxury experience, you must visit Greta in the Haymarket Hotel. The best bit? You can order a soft drink and just enjoy the atmosphere. There's no waiter service so you can seat yourself at a marble table and while away a few hours with lunch or a drink. Em went for scones and coffee, which at around £6 a coffee, is pricy, but for a stunning luxury hit, it’s a must visit.

All in all, you can eat really cheap, you just have to know where to go or choose cheap menu options.” -Em Sheldon

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