While the past year may have made us dream of far away destinations packed with adventure. There is something to be said for the spontaneous weekends away, often planned quickly with a burst of adventure in mind. Perhaps your trip takes you on the road less travel for a short reprieve from the everyday, or perhaps its to a festival or fun seasonal activity. We have created a list of items that will keep you prepared for anything that may come your way, so that you can focus on getting the most from your mini vacation.

Easy To Carry Bag

Using a list to help you plan what to pack, should mean that your packing is concise, and that you arent bogged down with big bags full of unnecessary items. The idea is to be prepared, but to also be ready for any adventure, meaning that ease of travel and movement are key. Think an easy to carry duffel bag, or better yet, invest in a quality backpack.



One of the most important things to consider when packing is your clothing. Consider the time of year and the occasion. Winter may need more careful planning, but no matter what the season, unexpected seasonal changes can happen, you don’t want to be caught in a deluge at a festival unprepared.

Items to consider:

  • A comfortable pair of shoes that can be worn for hours (remember to keep the season in mind).
  • At least one pair of pants (denim is generally an all round seasonal win)
  • At least 3 tops, and an extra which can be dressy. (keep the season in mind)
  • 4 pairs of undergarments (socks included)
  • Nightwear J
  • acket (Again keep the appropriate season in mind) if possible try to keep the jacket waterproof.
  • For winter consider extras like beanies, gloves and a scarf.



This is a very personal choice, and may vary from person to person. To some makeup essentials may fall on this list, while others may only include skincare and genral hygene. Our list considers a genral basic idea, which you can always make your own.

Items to consider:

  • Sunscreen (And don’t be fooled into thinking this is only for summer, its a must for every season of travel).
  • Personal skincare items
  • Basic makeup items
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste


We know that for some, leaving the house without all electronics may be incredibly daunting, but we promise that even with just a simple phone you will remain well connected and still have many social media ready photos.

Items to consider:

  • A cellphone
  • A multi port charger
  • A power bank
  • A laptop or iPad (if absolutely necessary)

Essentials And Documents

If you happen to be travelling outside of the country documents like passports, or even proof of vaccination may be necessary. Also, remember any tickets and necessary travel passes as well.

Items to consider:

  • Passport
  • Travel passes and tickets.
  • Mask
  • Sanitiser
  • ID documents
  • Proof of vaccination

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