With today marking ‘International Happiness Day’ and the first day of Spring, there should be plenty of smiles around! For those on the hunt for happiness, scientists have identified that a holiday brings on happiness so we have taken to Instagram to identify the happiest capitals in Europe. Measuring the number of posts using the word ‘happy’ from 1st January 2017 until 17th March 2017, we found Zagreb in Croatia is the happiest place in Europe. Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb, Croatia

Sofia in Bulgaria ranks second, which is no surprise as we recently ranked it the cheapest destination in our annual ‘Expensive vs. Cheapest Destinations’ report. With Sofia featuring in the top 10 cheapest cities for wine and cocktails, it’s no wonder it’s such a happy place. Sofia, Bulgaria

In third place is Tallinn in Estonia, followed by Valletta in Malta, then Denmark in Copenhagen - another destination of the 84 which featured in our report. Despite ranking 3rd most expensive city overall, there are many reasons to be happy there. According to last year’s ‘World Happiness Report’ the Danes have a generous minimum wage, feel freedom to make their own choices in life and are very generous when it comes to donating to charity and helping strangers. Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen, Denmark

Olso in Norway is the 6th happiest place with its fascinating history and is home to a host of museums, shops and attractions. Helsinki in Finland is the 7th happiest followed by Tbilisi in Georgia and Monaco. London is the final European city to reach our top 10 list with its’ sense of patriotism, infamous history and landmarks, beautiful parks and world-class music scene. London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom

Looking at the top 5 happiest cities in England, it seems Preston, Ipswich and Ely are the places to head to with all featuring in the top 3. Hereford comes in as 4th happiest, and with today officially marking the start of Spring, there’s no better time to visit its un-spoilt countryside and glorious gardens. Due to recent events in the football world, it’s not surprising to find a lot of happy images coming from Leicester with the city ranked in 5th place. Ely, England Ely, England

Top 10 Happiest Cities in Europe:
  1. Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. Tallinn, Estonia
  4. Valletta, Malta
  5. Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Oslo, Norway
  7. Helsinki, Finland
  8. Tbilisi, Georgia
  9. Monaco, Monaco
  10. London, United Kingdom
Top 5 Happiest Cities in England:
  1. Preston
  2. Ipswich
  3. Ely
  4. Hereford
  5. Leicester 

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