From 2016, we began creating an annual report on the ‘Most Expensive vs. Cheapest Destinations’ around the world which has become a great hit.

Although our 2017 report was bigger and better than before, with more city mentions and exciting new categories (including cocktails which we think is a must-know when planning a well-earned holiday), we decided to collate the information from the 32 destinations mentioned in both reports to create a comparison. With so much change happening in one year, including Brexit, we have discovered some interesting findings below.



Despite costing £15.05 less than last year, New York City climbed from 2nd most expensive to first, whilst Dubai dropped by £90.34 taking it from top of the list to 8th – good news for those wanting to enjoy the sunshine in the UAE!

Although all hotel costs on the most expensive side of our list have dropped, the cheapest have almost doubled. Rising in popularity and carrying a ‘trendy’ status, it’s no surprise to see that Barcelona is no longer classed as one of the cheapest destinations. Yet, the good news is Kuala Lumpur is the only destination to have dropped in price, with the average going from £51.57 to £47.60, making it cheaper than the travelling hotspot of Bangkok which is 3rd cheapest at £49.83.


Meal for Two 

When it comes to meals, the most expensive price has risen, as has the cheapest. New York City, London and Dublin hold the top three positions for most expensive, Paris drops two places and Ibiza (where you can expect to pay £46.89 for a meal for two) enters at 6th.

Comparing the cheapest destinations, again the top three, Marrakech, Kuala Lumpur and Antalya, hold their places. Cancun enters the cheapest list as an average meal for two costs £23.51, and just below is Paphos at £25.23 which we’re sure party goers will love to hear.


Pint of Beer 

Those that enjoy a beer will be pleased to know there has been little change when it comes to the price of a pint. Dubai, where you can expect to pay a bank-breaking £6, tops the list again, followed by Paris and Singapore. As expected, Dublin and London are also amongst those settled in the most expensive price line.

You may be surprised to hear that Ibiza is the 3rd cheapest here, despite being one of the most expensive when looking at a meal for two. Our finding found the average price of a pint is 80 cent, but, unfortunately, this cannot be expected when out on the infamous club scene. Interestingly, Bangkok no longer comes in as one of the cheapest destinations, so expect to receive a little less change when paying for your bar bill.



Wine lovers visiting Dubai may be in for a shock when they see the average price of a glass costs a scary £30.64, £13.17 more than the year before. Luckily, this is the most expensive, although Sydney which is 10th most expensive still costs more than £10. Surprisingly, London no longer makes the list but Caracas enters rocketing to 4th with £19.

The cheapest price is a long way off from Dubai and can be found in Paphos for just £3.78. Prague (£4.35) follows in second place and Budapest (£4.42) is 3rd. Again, Ibiza can be found in the cheapest column when looking into alcoholic beverages so you might just be able to balance out that expensive meal for two (but we do advise you to drink sensibly).



Rising by almost £1, the costliest caffeine can no longer be found in Dubai but Hong Kong (£4.33). Rome remains the cheapest which is great news for coffee lovers who can enjoy a real Italian coffee for just £1.15 – although last year it was even cheaper as the average was £0.97.



Looking at the average cost per 3km taxi journey, the most expensive price has risen by a staggering amount. You should expect to reach deep into your pockets for £15 when jumping in a taxi in Tokyo, which last year would have cost you £9.39 - £5.61 less!

On the other hand, you’ll find you can pay as little as £1.02 for a 3km taxi ride in Bangkok. Last years cheapest Kuala Lumpur now comes in 5th at £2.17, whilst Caracas which was once 6th at £2.04 is now the second cheapest costing £1.30.



Based on the average hotel, food, drink and taxi cost per person per night, we can see that prices have risen this year compared to last, but, only slightly when looking at the most expensive and cheapest price. 

New York City remains the most expensive destination but Rome (£116.37) and Dublin (£113.80) take second and third place, replacing Dubai (£141.78) and Sydney (£122.85) from last year. 

Whilst Kuala Lumpur (£44.71) and Bangkok (£48.91) remain in the top three for the cheapest destinations, Budapest moves to 6th making room for Antalya to become the very cheapest where you can get away for just £39.35. 



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Mrs B Woodcock

05/05/2017 16:55:23

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Connor Chapman

05/05/2017 16:45:58

when it comes to cheapest to most expensive comparison this doesn t take into account the cost of flights from say London. This is a definite factor in any holiday. It may be cheap when you get there but you spend a fortune to get there

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