The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica is a premiere destination known for its laid-back atmosphere. Famed for being the home of reggae and the legend Bob Marley, you can expect to enjoy fun-filled evenings and much more. There are mountain peaks and rainforests you can explore if you're looking for an adventure and long sandy beaches which lead to crystal clear waters and hidden coves where you will be sure to make memories which last a lifetime. With so much to do in this relaxed country, we have picked out our favourites. 




Dunn's River Falls, Ocho Rios

Image Source: Visit Jamaica

World famous, Dunn’s River Falls is a waterfall near Ocho Rios which has a height of approximately 1,000 feet. Made up of terraced stair-like steps, the travertine rock ( the result of precipitation of calcium carbonate from the river) is continuously regenerating itself, although, a few man-made improvements have been made. Continuously rebuilt from deposits of travertine rock and sodium from the river water, geologists often describe it as a living phenomenon. Visit this stunning location and climb up the fall with a tour guide and finish watching the sunset on the nearby beach. 


Nine Mile

If you’re a fan of Bob Marley, a trip to his Nine Mile home is a must. It is a quaint village in the beautiful mountains of St Ann and sees thousands of fans make a pilgrimage to pay their respects each year. As part of the tour with a Rastafarian guide, you will walk through the very house where he lived as a child and experience a better understanding of the man whose music helped change thoughts around the world.


Rick's Cafe, Negril

Image Source: Things To Do In Jamaica

Based in Negril, Rick's Café is a real hot spot for Jamaica and unlike any other. Located at the top of a 35-foot high cliff, it is a bar and restaurant, but most famously, it is a place to go to watch cliff diving, not to forget stunning sunsets.


Luminous Lagoon, Glistening Waters, Trelawny

Image Source: Visit Jamaica

For an amazing and magical experience, visit the luminous lagoon, also known as the glistening waters. The lagoon runs along the marshland area of Trelawny where micro-organisms called dinoflagellates live. When disturbed, millions of these small micro-organisms glow. The glow is brightest when in shallow water, and fortunately, the lagoon is only 3-8 feet deep. These glistening waters are said to be one of the brightest in the world. Enjoy a short boat ride out to the lagoon and enjoy the view as the boat disturbs the water or get off the boat to have a swim.


Pelican Bar, between Black River and Treasure Beach

Image Source: Island Routes

Visiting Pelican Bar is a must! Made out of driftwood, it is situated on a huge sandbar in the middle of the sea between Black River and Treasure Beach making it a unique place to eat and drink. Take a 20-minute boat ride and get ready to enjoy a cold beer, sunbathe and swim in the shallow waters. 

Pelican bar began as a dream of local fisherman Floyd who wanted to build a bar out at sea. Turning his dream into a reality, he transported large planks of wood on his fishing boat and originally used it as a place to take a break with his friends. Locals soon discovered the potential of this perfect serenity and it is now an established attraction.




Pier 1, Montego Bay

Pier 1 is a seafood restaurant by day and a sunset hotspot in the evening, before turning into a bar and dance venue. Set in a marina on a pier overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the outdoor venue hosts regular parties that start and run till late.

Bourbon Beach, Negril 

If when planning your trip to Jamaica you imagined dancing barefoot in the sand to a live reggae band, then Bourbon Beach is the place to be. Possibly the most popular beachfront music venue on Seven Mile Beach, the authentic spot (also known for its jerk) entertains with local bands, recording artists and themed parties. 

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