With dogs being a man’s best friend, going on holiday and leaving your furry friend behind can be a bitter-sweet experience. To make your holiday more enjoyable by ensuring the four-legged member of your family isn’t left behind, follow these steps and be sure to plan ahead.

Before travelling out of the country, all dogs must be microchipped for identification reasons. Remember to take this step before the rabies vaccination to allow your vet to record the microchip number on the pet passport.

It’s important to plan ahead as the rabies vaccination needs to be 21 days prior to your travelling date. Please note, few countries also require a blood sample 30 days after the vaccine and you must then wait 3 calendar months before travel. (This is not common but it’s worth checking before going ahead and booking your desired location). Whilst the rabies vaccination is a must, it’s worth informing your vet where you are travelling to, to find out if you can take extra protection against other risks.

Once the necessary criteria are complete, as above, your vet can issue the pet passport. This will remain valid as long as your dog continues to meet the entry requirements for the UK.

Unsurprisingly, only approved travel companies and routes can be used to take pets abroad. Each company will have their own requirements to comply with, so again, please check as soon as you can. You may need to purchase a specific travel carrier or familiarise your dog with a muzzle.

For inspiration on pet-friendly destinations to travel to this year, take a look at our previous blog, exploring hotels and resorts where dogs are allowed.

We’d recommend Amsterdam due to the number of pet-friendly hotels and cafes, and walks along the canal. Another place which is great to visit is Northern Spain which was not featured in our previous blog.  It is easy to get to via ferry where you can travel with animals, has many pet-friendly hotels located in Santander and showcases beautiful scenery for you to enjoy during your daily walks.

Tell us about your pet-friendly holidays in the comments below!

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