HoppaGo are the specialists in ground transportation and we are offering a digital solution to the challenges that travel organisations are facing daily.

We are offering a platform that compares a network of thousands of ground transport suppliers across hundreds of countries. This platform allows the user to select the right transport supplier for their clients based on price, service, or vehicle type. With hoppaGo the user can search, compare, book and manage all their ground transport requirements on one platform.

As the travel market continues to evolve and grow, we at hoppoGo have implemented technology solutions that will not only make it easier for the user to use but at the same time easier to generate revenue from ground transportation services. This is not a short-term solution but will rather benefit the user as the travel industry continues to digitally transform.

Every business is different, and the hoppaGo technology solutions are designed to be tailored to suit a business’ different investment, resource and user capabilities and the best part of all this incredible technology is that there are no set-up costs.

The three technology solutions offering are:


Trade Account Solutions

A fantastic way to start using hoppaGo quickly is through Trade Accounts which provide immediate access to pricing and the platform, which allows the user to start making bookings following a simple login process. This requires little or no training and it provides access to multiple users using the same login details.

White Label Solutions

If you are looking for a search and booking solution that can be implemented into your own business website and aligned to your branding, then this is perfect for you. This is a great way to achieve greater automation of data management, as well as leverage hoppaGo’s technical expertise.

API Solutions

Looking for seamless product delivery? Connection through API integration allows your business to manage large volumes of searches faster than ever before.

We hope you are as excited about our technology solutions as we are, and we cannot wait to start working with you to make sure that your digital challenges are reduced, and you can focus on what is important for any business – to generate more revenue.

Visit our website : www.hoppago.com 

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