It is well commented that the travel and hospitality market is forecast to grow exponentially over the next 5 years. A major concern is that not every business in the industry is likely to share in the growth equally. One of the challenges to unlocking this growth potential is to provide greater digital capabilities to your customers in every way possible.

There are a few options when it comes to the technology solutions that are available from hoppaGo. All the hoppaGo solutions have been designed to suit a business’ different investment, resource and user capabilities.

At hoppaGo, our white label solution has just been relaunched with an updated digital capability, linked to the extended supplier network offering more product and service choice. The updated white label is easy to use and simple to create and like our other solutions has no set-up costs or charges for any support while using the solution.

The white label solution is branded to your requirements and places the search and booking processes onto your business website, providing greater automation of data management and leveraging hoppaGo’s technical expertise. The white label solution is aligned with the business’ brand and requires no specialist resource to develop.

The hoppaGo services are no longer limited to locating hotel properties only and now through the updated features searches can be made to locate all accommodation types and destinations. With this in mind, travellers can now make bookings in-destination, whether they want to travel to theme parks, sporting events, restaurants or any points of interest, which means that you can now start to access in-destination revenues. This in-destination service is available from hoppaGo suppliers with the hoppaGo white label solution.

If you would like to find out more information about our white label solution, please email and our hoppaGo team would be happy to support your business and help you be a part of the travel digitisation.

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