After months of lockdown experienced worldwide, global borders are soon to open up to local and international travel. And while the pandemic is seeing a reduction in statistics and spread around the world, it is important to not leave your awareness of Covid and your safety habits at home.

The same goes for suppliers, establishments, and transportation providers in the travel industry who must also remain vigilant while Covid is still present in the world. Safe travel is possible if precautions are taken by both travelers as well as providers and establishments within the travel sector.

On the plus side, keeping hygienic habits and cleanliness top of mind is not a bad thing, so keeping up with these personal practices and following this comprehensive guide below will ensure your travels remain risk free and that you remain healthy.

Only book safe airport transfers who focus on safety

Airport transfers are an essential part of any trip abroad, and therefore ensuring the safest airport transfers for our customers is close to our heart here at hoppa. We have once again liaised with suppliers to ensure that you’ll experience safe airport transfers when booking with us, with no decrease in preventative measures experienced.

We want to reassure our customers that all hoppa suppliers are currently reviewing their local health and safety guidelines and putting in place new COVID19 measures which ensure the safety of all those travelling.

Furthermore, they will ensure the strict following of any and all recommendations made by their local government or relevant authority. Suppliers are all aiming to ensure that wherever relevant, they continue to provide:

1. Hand sanitizers in vehicles for hoppa customers

2. Drivers will ensure that face masks are worn at all times

3. Drivers will wear gloves at all times

4. Vehicles will be cleaned after every use.

Safety measures continue at airports and by airlines

Currently, airlines are also taking refreshed measures as guided by local authorities to ensure traveller safety is kept up with. Symptomatic passengers, crew members, and staff are being discouraged from arriving at airports to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, and despite restrictions reduced, this still is the case.

Physical distancing between individuals is still being promoted, along with a strong emphasis on hygiene measures for staff, passengers, and facilities. Passengers and crew members must still wear face masks and adhere to hand hygiene protocols by washing their hands with soap and water or making use of available hand sanitisers.

Safe stays and sleepovers at accommodation facilities

Hotels, resorts, and other forms of accommodation which are soon to reopen will continue to promote and implement safety measures, emphasising hygiene and cleanliness. Travellers will still see digitised check-ins, social distancing, and reduced occupancy at hotels and resorts. Guests and staff are still required to wear masks, and hand sanitiser will continue to be made readily available.

The same steps travellers should take

To ensure your own safety while travelling in a time of reduced restrictions, continue to follow the general advice provided by the World Health Organisation as well as the specific protocols for the country that you are visiting.

Avoid contact with sick people, don’t touch your face with unwashed hands, clean your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or an alcohol-based sanitiser, and monitor your own health both during and after your travels. Masks should still be worn and do not neglect any other precautionary procedures and safety measures while travel opens up. Until Covid is no more, safety is still priority!


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