The thought of ten or more hours on a plane doesn’t tend to appeal to most, however, needs must if you want to explore further afield, whether it's the spectacular scenery in Sydney, the mind-blowing cuisine of Singapore to the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles.

To get you through these long-haul flights in comfort and style we’ve pulled together our top tips, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the time until you reach your destination.  

Comfy Clothing

Comfortable clothing is a must. Just as you would if you were sat at home watching television for 10-hours straight (not that we do this…) throw on your comfiest clothes and settle in for the journey. Try wearing several loose layers so you can add or remove layers depending on how chilly the cabin is. If you think it’ll make you more comfortable, pack a pair of slippers or thick socks in your hand luggage so you can get nice and cosy.

Reserve Your Seat

If possible, reserve your seat prior to the flight. This will allow you to choose whether you’d rather sit in an aisle or window seat and weigh up the pros and cons of both. Fingers crossed you don’t get the dreaded middle seat! If you’re taller than average, you may wish to pay extra for more leg room for added comfort.

Wherever you sit, make sure you get up and walk around at regular intervals to get your blood circulating properly. If this isn’t an option for you, buy some compression socks which can significantly reduce your risk of DVT and leg swelling.

Enjoy the Entertainment

Pack your headphones in your hand luggage, along with any books, magazines and games consoles. If you can’t sleep, then enjoy some ‘me’ time. In our busy lives, it can be hard to find the time to sit down, switch off our phones and enjoy a good book. On a plane, you don’t have much choice on the phone front so make the most of this time.

Many planes have in-flight entertainment, allowing you to choose from several films or music. A top tip is to avoid checking the interactive map often shown on the individual television screens as this could just seek to remind you that you’re on a plane with another x hours to go until you can get off.

Pack a Survival Kit

While some airlines will provide you with a little kit with earplugs, an eye mask etc., it’s better to be prepared and take these things yourself. Taking a small inflatable or travel pillow can help you get some sleep.

You should even consider packing some miniature toiletries, such as toothpaste, moisturiser and face wipes so that you can refresh yourself before you land. Don’t forget to carry on any medication you will need to take during the flight.

Additionally, it can be a good idea to pack your own snacks to keep you going between food services and in case you don’t fancy anything that is being offered up.

Schedule Sleep

To beat jetlag, schedule your sleep so it’s in sync with the time in your destination. To make it easier, set your watch or phone to the time zone of your destination and try to work to this clock. If this seems easier said than done, you could consider taking an over the counter sleep aid. 

Stay Hydrated

According to Marie Claire, during an average 10-hour flight, men can lose approximately two litres of water and women around 1.6 litres. To counter this, it’s important to drink lots of water and possibly a drink with electrolytes in, with the advised amount being 8oz for every hour of the flight. You could also eat hydrating snacks, such as fruit and veg or yoghurt, but avoid salty snacks.

The dry air on planes can also take its toll on your skin, so keep it moisturised - you might even like to apply a face mask during the flight. For example, you may wish to try Alpha-H’s moisture boosting facial mist or a Charlotte Tilbury sheet mask which can help dryness in just 15 minutes.

Follow the simple steps above and you should find yourself having a comfortable, stress-free flight. Why not book a hoppa airport transfer to meet you the other side and ensure you arrive happy?

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