To honour a person or concept, people toast all around the world. With many people travelling during this time of year to visit family or enjoy the Christmas Markets, we wanted to share with you how to say 'cheers' and what to drink in some of the most popular destinations. So, as glasses are raised to celebrate Christmas or welcome the New Year, you can toast just like the locals. 


Zivjeli / Nazdravljerak

pronounced Zhee-ve-lee / Naz-dra-vlee

When celebrating in Croatia during the festive season, you will see many drinking mulled wine or rakija. Rakija is a fruit brandy which is usually home-made.



Na zdravi

pronounced Naz-drah vi

Czech Republic is known for its native beers so it’s no surprise to find this is often in hand when people toast. As with a lot of European countries, mulled wine is also popular.




pronounced Prohst

Jenever, known to the English as Dutch Gin, is a juniper-flavoured traditional liquor which is an ancestor of modern gin. It is still very popular in Belgium and the Netherlands.


Finnish / Norwegian and Swedish

Kippis / Skål

pronounced Kip-pis / pronounced Skawl

When visiting Finland over Christmas, you can enjoy a glass of glogg to start your celebrations. Literally meaning ‘glow wine’, glogg is a deep ruby red spiced wine served hot.



Zum wohl

pronounced Tsum vohl

It is tradition at Christmas to enjoy a glass of mulled wine or kinderpunsch – a hot alcohol-free punch.


Spanish / Catalan

Salud / Salut

pronouncded Sah-lud / pronounced Sah-lut

Red wine is favoured here, as is cava – a Spanish sparkling wine which comes in white or rosé. It is made the same way as champagne but with different grapes.


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