Wedged between Austria and Switzerland is the small German-speaking principality of Lichtenstein. While small and somewhat remote, Liechtenstein is no less breathtaking than the more well-known countries surrounding it. Although many of its small towns are nestled in expansive forests, most people know Liechtenstein for its gothic architecture.

Gutenburg Castle

Proudly overlooking the village of Balzers is the Burg Gutenberg, a preserved original Liechtenstein castle. With a backdrop of mountains, perched on its own ledge, just the view of the castle itself is simply breathtaking. Although the castle was built during the middle ages as a protective fort, its location has aided in helping to maintain the building that is so well kept it’s almost surreal given how old the castle is. If you choose to travel in summer, you may be able to view a play while on your tour through the castle grounds.


The Princes’ Way

For the adventurous traveller who aches to find the best views, The Princes’ Way is a must. The hiking trail takes you through the Alps up to a staggering 1400m, where you will get the ultimate view of Liechtenstein valleys and even the 3 Sisters. Pack a lunch and make a day of the hiking trip, then end off the adventure with a bicycle ride as you head back to the trails beginning.

Traditional Farmhouse Museum

Hidden away in Schellenberg and forming part of the Liechtenstein National Museum, is the Traditional Farmhouse Museum. Built in 1518, this look into medieval living and farming transports tourists into a bygone era. Preserved as a window into how residents of the region lived, and how their agriculture transformed over 500 years. Liechtenstein has a wealth of museums to see, and while this is by far the most unique, it is worth at least looking at adding the Liechtenstein National Museum to your tour as well.

Skiing In Malbun

Rumoured to have the best snow in Europe, skiing is a big part of winter festivities in Liechtenstein, with cross-country skiing being an option for the more experienced skier. Malbun is a must-see ski resort, seeing many tourists during the cold months between November and January. There are many ski trails that cater for different levels of confidence and ability, and for the youngest ski enthusiasts, there is Malbi Park Kinderland, which offers lessons and activities for children to enjoy.

Church Hill of Bendern

Are you interested in visiting the very spot where Liechtenstein was officially born? The Church on Church Hill, formerly known as Oath Square, is where the residents of Bendern swore an oath to Prince Johann Adam Andreas Von Liechtenstein in 1699, making him the official Prince and creating the official Principality. The area remains preserved and the middle-aged buildings stand proud as a reminder of the most important moment in time for the country.


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