Instead of watching a documentary or going to a zoo, why not add these amazing destinations to your bucket list. You will be able to see some of the world's most fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, with some views as breathtaking as they are.

Crystal River, USA

Travel to Crystal River, Florida USA where you will be able to take a look at the manatees. Home to 700 springs, the warm temperatures and constant flow of freshwater attract many manatees as well as tourists alike. Winter, between October and March, is when you want to plan your trip for the best sightings

Churchill, Manitoba

This town to the west of Hudson Bay is home to two rare attractions. Known as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World”, there’s no question that this is one of the main attractions to this little Canadian treasure. While gazing at this endangered species, don’t forget to make time for the other marine mammal known to this area, the beluga whales. It is best to plan your trip between October and November for your best chance at sighting these incredible creatures.

Hawaii, USA

It’s not all winter and cold weather on this list, like Churchill, Hawaii is home to two marine attractions. Come enjoy all the perks of the ultimate island vacation while being blown away by the singular most breathtaking experience of seeing giant manta rays! These gentle giants are generally seen when you take a trip to Big Island. Another tourist attraction is taking a trip to Maui Island, where you can spot a sighting of the green sea turtles. p>

Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Would you like to see the world's largest fish? The chance for a coastal getaway and a sighting of an incredible whale shark earns the Sea of Cortez a place on this list. The whale shark grows up to 18 metres and can live up to 70 years! Plan a trip to Mexico’s coast to catch a glimpse of these astonishing creatures. The best time to plan your trip would be December and January when these giants arrive for mating season.

Kratie, Cambodia

Declining at a rapid rate, there are only 80 Irrawaddy Dolphins off the coast of Kratie. Unfortunately, due to declining populations, sightings are difficult but still possible if you go between October and April. Take an early morning trip out and your guide will explain how these beautiful dolphins are said to work with fisherman to help them find fish!


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