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We’ve only gone and done it again… our annual report is here revealing the cheapest and the most expensive holiday destinations in the world in 2017! We uncover which destinations have the priciest accommodation, the best budget beers, the highest price for a cup of coffee, the cheapest destination for an evening out and much more. Due to popular demand, this year’s report covers a much wider range of destinations, analysing a total of 84 places across the globe, compared to last year’s 46. We’ve also added in a few new features, including comparing the cost of a cocktail, a sightseeing bus pass and the cost of some of the most popular attractions around the world. In our 2017 report, we reveal that Zurich now takes the number one spot for most expensive destination at £170.43 per person for one night’s stay (including meals, drink and entertainment). While Bulgaria takes the crown for being the cheapest destination in the world, with all costs totaling a mere £38.21. Most Expensive and Cheapest Destinations in the World 2017 The destination with the priciest accommodation prices is New York at a staggering average cost of £183.73 for one night’s stay! On the other side of the spectrum, one night in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria will only cost you £37.36. Cheapest and Most Expensive Hotel Rooms 2017 The cheapest place to go for a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant is Antalya in Turkey. On the other hand, if you’re visiting Dubai you could be in for a shock with the average price of a bottle of wine coming in at £30.64! If your pockets are deep, then you’ll do just fine in Bahrain where cocktails can cost up to £18.06. You’ll find the cheapest prices for a good old pint in the Philippines with the average price in Manila a tiny 38 pence! Most Expensive and Cheapest Food and Drink 2017 Looking at the average price of taxi journeys, we’ve revealed what you should expect to pay when jumping in a cab on holiday, with Zurich once again taking the top spot for priciest ride at £16.20. For a cheap trip from A to B, hail a cab in Cairo for just 89 pence per 3 kilometers. Most Expensive and Cheapest Taxi Prices Around the World 2017NEW for 2017: We’ve looked at one of our favourite things to do on holiday, a sightseeing bus tour! For a trip around a city that won’t break the bank, jump aboard in Kiev for just £7.50, whereas sightseeing on a double decker in Dubai will set you back a whopping £54.50 per person! Most Expensive and Cheapest Bus Tours around the World 2017Also NEW for 2017: We’ve taken the most popular tourist attractions for each destination, comparing the cost of a ticket or day pass. When holidaying in Florida you can’t not visit Universal Studios, however be prepared to part with £127 per person on average! If you’re lucky enough to visit the wonders of Bangkok, a trip to the stunning Grand Palace will only cost you £11.38. Most Expensive and Cheapest Top Attractions in the World 2017 Overall our research for 2017 has revealed a variety of results – some to be expected such as the Nordic countries coming in at the pricey end of the spectrum, but also some surprises. Who knew a trip to Bulgaria could be that cheap? So to wrap up, here’s a summary of this year’s findings:


  • Popular city break destinations such as Rome, Amsterdam and Paris are included in the 10 most expensive places to spend the night.
  • Whereas in Asia, you can expect to find some of the cheapest prices for accommodation in Bangkok, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.
  • Fast-food in Veniceisn’t as cheap and cheerful as you might hope - a meal could cost you around £12.81!
  • Rest assured a bottle of wine won’t leave your bank account with a nasty hangover in Benidorm, Cyprus, Lisbonand Tenerife with average prices coming in at under £3.20.
  • Alcohol prices in general are significantly higher than average in destinations such as Qatar, Dubaiand Singapore.
  • Sightseeing bus tours are a great way to see some of the stunning sights in South African destinations like Cape Town and Johannesburg, and a day pass will only set you back £12.
  • Tell your friends visiting London to use the tube or walk - a sightseeing bus ticket here is the third most expensive in the world at £30 per person!
  • When visiting Sydney, the bridge climb is arguably a once in a lifetime experience, but will set you back around £94.35. Similarly, the SkyWalk in Auckland comes in at £82.43.
  • Europe boasts some of the most cost effective attractions in the world, with Dublin’s Guinness Factory, Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia and Prague's castle all costing under £14.30.


So, if you're after a particularly cheap escape this year, or trying to decide between a Benidorm or a Barcelona break - take advantage of our research so you don't have any unexpected surprises! If you're interested in learning a little more about the Top 10 Cheapest Destinations in the World, then check out our video below:


The top 10 cheapest destinations of 2017 in the world are:


  • 10. Sliema, Malta — £51.64
  • 9. Mexico City, Mexico — £50.62
  • 8. Manila, Philippines — £46.90
  • 7. Kiev, Ukraine — £46.73
  • 6. Siem Reap, Cambodia — £44.89
  • 5. Antalya, Turkey — £43.97
  • 4. Bucharest, Romania — £43.87
  • 3. Cartagena, Colombia — £39.70
  • 2. Cairo, Egypt — £39.09
  • 1. Sofia, Bulgaria — £38.21


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Thank you for providing these details.

Aoutif ghailan

27/07/2017 14:23:09

Morocco i think is the cheapest and friendiest destiniation in the world. I just love marrakesh and agadir together it has the best and healthest food i always loose lots of weight with out trying there. Theres things to do . Dirt cheap food and hotel abd the atmosphere is so relaxing and amazing. You just want to go back again and again dead safe too.


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I appreciate your sharing and I must say that you have shared such a nice names of destination where you can enjoy family holidays at reasonable prices. Me and my few friends also have a plan to go London with some college friends to enjoy coming holidays. I am so happy for it. I hope so that it will be a memorable time for us.


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Very good and helpful post. Thank you for sharing all these with us.

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