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We’re back again with our annual report into the Most Expensive vs Cheapest Destinations for the coming year. But this time it’s bigger than ever!

We’ve taken a look at 100 destinations worldwide to find out which holiday destinations will leave you quids in and which will set you back. We’ve sorted the bargain beers from the priciest pints, uncovered the meals that are as cheap as chips and those that cost an arm and a leg.

In total, we’ve compared the priciest and lowest costs for accommodation, meals, drinks and taxi fares, as well as unexpected medical costs to help you make an informed decision when booking your 2018 getaway. This year, Zurich has been knocked off the top spot as the most expensive location, being replaced by New York where costs total £346.05. Meanwhile, a night in Kiev, crowned the cheapest destination, will set you back just £64.79.

Will your next holiday to Palma be pricey? Are prices fair in Faro? Take a look at the infographic below to find out where your favourite city ranks. 


15/01/2018 15:23:40

We are just back from Bangkok we paid 109000bahts for 13 night stay We also paid 4000bahts for dinner in hotel outside hotel average price for Dinner 2 drinks Taxi was 3000bahts we stayed at Banyan Tree and we booked this hotel 11 months in advance or else we would have paid 147000bahts so Bangkok is dearest place in all our travels .

Carol Lawson

15/01/2018 14:57:06

Very interesting and informative

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