The stats are in and we’ve taken a deep dive into the most expensive and the cheapest destinations for the year ahead. Our annual report looks at 100 destinations around the globe to discover the most affordable and the priciest destinations.

We’ll tell you where to get the most bang for your buck in terms of food and drink, average hotel prices per night, and taxi fares. And we’ll also compare unexpected medical costs as well as average currency exchange rates.

2021’s most expensive holiday destinations in the world

Not including flights, New York is topping the charts as the most expensive location this year, with an average cost of £525.06 per day. The Big Apple was unseated by Grand Cayman last year, after a 2-year streak, but now reclaims the title. Las Vegas and Zurich took the second and third spots, respectively. As expected, the rest of the top 10 are all in Europe and the Americas, with the exception of Dubai at number 5 and Abu Dhabi at number 4.

Tbilisi comes in as the cheapest location at roughly 1/10th of the cost of a stay in New York - just £56.95 per day on average. The Georgian capital knocks last year’s cheapest destination, Antalya, into second place.

Although many of the cheapest destinations are outside of Europe - with the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America all represented on the list - there are some budget-friendly European options on the list including Kiev and Minsk.

Most expensive and cheapest hotel rooms around the world in 2021

Last year, Grand Cayman wrested the “Most Expensive Hotel” title from previous 2-time winner, New York. This year, not only has Grand Cayman been unseated - it didn’t even make the top 10. Las Vegas takes the top spot with an average per night of £394.00, and New York comes in a close second at £370.00. Zurich, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai round out the top 5, and of the top 10 only Los Angeles and Paris come in with a per night average below £300.00.

Tbilisi is tops for cheap accommodation with a per night average of just £18.94, moving up from 7th place last year. Antalya holds the 2nd spot for the second year in a row. Other good destinations for cheap accommodation include Istanbul, Tunis, and Cairo.

Cheapest and most expensive food and drinks around the world in 2021

If you’re looking for affordable sundowners, steer clear of the Middle East - Doha, Dubai, and Muscat all clock in with an average cost of £15.00 per cocktail. But the most expensive cocktails, at a whopping £19.00, are found in Nassau. On the other end of the spectrum, Cape Town has the cheapest cocktails at £2.90, followed by Antalya, Rio de Janeiro, and Tbilisi - all under £3.30.

For the beer-lovers, Manila and Honolulu are the most expensive at an average price of £4.59 per pint. The Middle East, once again, makes up a large proportion of the list, as do the USA and Australia. The cheapest beer can be found in Beijing for a modest £1.89 per pint, Prague, Bucharest, and Shanghai following close behind.

If wine is more your thing, you’ll want to stay away from the Middle East and most of Asia. Doha tops the list with the average bottle of vino priced at £28.00. Jakarta, Bangkok, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong round out the top 5, each at more than £20.00 per bottle. Buenos Aires continues to serve the cheapest wine at an average of just £2.59 per bottle, with Lisbon and Santiago not far behind.

As for coffee, the world’s most popular drug will run you an incredible £6.00 per cup in Abu Dhabi, £5.17 a cup in Copenhagen, and £5.02 in Grand Cayman. The Middle East continues to feature on the “most expensive” list, as do the Americas. Eastern Europe tops the list for cheap caffeination with an average price of just £1.12 in Kiev and £1.15 in Minsk, closely followed by Rome and Gaborone.

Of course, while you’re travelling you’ll need to eat, and that can get pretty pricey. An average meal for 2 people in New York will take £97.00 out of your wallet, with Nassau only one pound cheaper. Conversely, Africa and South America provide the cheapest food. You can get a meal for 2 for only £19.00 in Kampala.

One of the most reliable “cost of living” indicators is the Big Mac - available almost universally. The ubiquitous burger meal carries a price tag of an astounding £12.00 in Oslo and remains costly throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Istanbul has the cheapest Big Mac meal at only £2.47, and the burger can be purchased for under £2.80 in Moscow, Jakarta, Antalya, and Tunis.

Cheapest and most expensive medical aid around the world in 2021

Doctor’s visits and other medical costs are something we hope won’t be a part of your holiday and, as such, we haven’t included them in our average day totals. But things happen, and it is worth knowing what an unfortunate incident might cost while you’re travelling. The USA has some of the highest medical pricing, with New York City topping the list at £166.00 on average, while Mumbai clocks in at a mere £9.33.

It’s important to remember that travel insurance is available from a variety of providers to mitigate the risk. You can also apply for a free EHIC if you’re travelling around the EU, and this can help to subsidise any medical costs that may arise during your travels.

Cheapest and most expensive taxi prices around the world in 2021

Zurich tops the charts for most expensive taxi fares again this year - making 5 in a row. The rest of the top 10 is made up of European destinations, with the exception of Sydney, Grand Cayman, and Tokyo. Taxi fares are cheapest in Mumbai, with Cairo and Mexico City coming in a close 2nd and 3rd place.


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