Following on from our recent Green Light Listicle: The Safest Places Around The World For A 2021 Holiday, we at hoppa have compiled a comprehensive report on the noticeable sales boom which has been experienced in the travel industry.

Since the UK government made the announcement regarding the lifting of the travel ban and the opening up of 12 quarantine-free countries, travel companies and UK airlines have seen a significant spike in holiday sales booked and online holiday searches conducted by UK travellers.

Now, more countries have been added to the Green List, with some firmly placed on this list on 30 June 2021 (Noted with *). According to cntraveller, the Green List is as follows:

1. Madeira* 15. Israel and Jerusalem*
2. Anguilla* 16. New Zealand
3. Bermuda* 17. Turks & Caicos*
4. Dominica* 18. Gibraltar
5. Iceland 19. Faroe Islands
6. Pitcairn Islands* 20. Barbados*
7. Australia 21. Cayman Islands*
8. British Antarctic Territory* 22. British India Ocean Territory*
9. Grenada* 23. Montserrat*
10. Malta* 24. Singapore
11. Antigua & Barbuda* 25. Brunei
12. Falkland Islands 26. British Virgin Islands*
13. St Helena, Tristan de Cunha, Ascension Island
27. South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
14. The Balearic islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Formentera and Ibiza)*  

This sales boom comprises actual bookings to countries listed in the original green listicle (including Portugal, Israel, Gibraltar, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei, Iceland, Faroe Islands, and Falklands) as well as booking inquiries to countries not listed on the listicle, but which will open their borders soon.

The following UK-based travel companies have experienced a sales boom for the below-mentioned countries. While Portugal was listed in the initial Green List, with the country experiencing the highest percentage of flight bookings and online searches, it has now been taken off the list.

UK Travel Company Country/Destination % of sales increase
Tui Portugal 60%
Thomas Cook Portugal Rapid increase
Jet2holidays Portugal 600%
Jet2holidays Spain & Greece 500%
Tui Spain & Greece 500%
Skyscanner (Travel Site) Spain 69%
Jet2holidays Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands 1000%
EDreams ODIGEO Gibraltar 165%
Thomas Cook Turkey 500%
EDreams ODIGEO Israel & Malta 254%
EDreams ODIGEO Portugal 115%

While many travel companies and online travel sites have experienced the above sales spike, at hoppa, we too have experienced a boom in sales as follows:

Country/Destination % of sales increase
Spain 300%
Barbados/Caribbean 550%
Italy 500%
Greece 200%
Majorca 300%
Ibiza 250%
Menorca 600%
Malta 400%
Barbados 80%
Portugal 150%
Madeira 100%

The following airlines have experienced a sales boom:

The above-mentioned airlines and travel companies have experienced the highest amount of bookings performed by UK travellers for the following:

Along with the above sales boom, other notable milestones have been experienced within the travel industry:

  • Awaze, the company behind Hoseasons, saw bookings peak at one booking every 11 seconds, with the new demand exceeding expectations and comfortably breaking that record.
  • Thomas Cook said website traffic was up by more than 100% with bookings flooding in.
  • The UK travel firm Not Just Travel recorded a 50% increase in summer bookings.

Further sales booms within the travel industry are set to continue as more countries join the green list and the demand for international travel among UK residents heightens. For more travel information, news and updates during Covid-19, as well as more countries on the green, amber, or red list, visit

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