Although we try our best to ensure that everything goes smoothly, we have to accept that mistakes do happen, and our customers are left feeling that they did not quite get the service that they paid for.

In the event that something has gone wrong, a complaint can be submitted through our portal You can select either ‘Get help before you travel or whilst you are away’ for in-resort complaints, or ‘Get help after your trip’ for post-travel complaints. Simply fill in the form and submit the complaint which our team endeavours to respond to within 48 hours.

While we do have 28 days to resolve a complaint, we aim to resolve all complaints within 14 working days. Our current average resolution time is 4 working days for 2019.

Another way that our customers will be able to make more informative bookings is through our supplier ratings which will be available during quarter 3 of 2019. This will help you to see what previous customers experiences have been with our various suppliers and make your decision based on their ratings.

The common misunderstanding that we at hoppaGo have noticed is that customers and agents think of us as a transport supplier and we understand why they may think this, but we want to make sure that you have the right idea of who we are. hoppaGo is not a ground transport supplier, but rather we are a booking platform. We have created a platform that is of the most innovative technology and will help our clients book transfers with ease and have the choice of a network of suppliers all over the world.

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