Since humans first walked the Earth, they have dreamt of taking flight. Throughout the millennia, people looked up and wondered what it would be like to soar through the skies like a bird. But now, it’s something we take for granted in the modern world, as we’ve lived our entire lives in a time where taking flight is just a normal part of life. We travel across the globe in great flying machines, but we never stop to appreciate how amazing the whole thing is.

To get back that magical and enthralling feeling that flying should inspire, here’s a couple of places you can go to be awe-struck by the views from high up in the atmosphere.

Skydiving in Dubai

Dubai has been up and coming in the world for some time now. The crown jewel of the UAE has gone from strength to strength, particularly when it comes to drawing in curious tourists. Great towering buildings have been constructed, but few of the city’s man-made features quite compare to the iconic Palm Islands.

Palm Jumeirah, Palm Deira, and Palm Jebel Ali make up the trifecta of uniquely-shaped coastline landmasses that have been reclaimed from the sea. Their distinctive palm tree design has made them something of a status symbol in Dubai, and they’re recognisable throughout the world.

“The World” also happens to be the name of an incredible man-made archipelago amongst the Palm Islands that resemble a map of the Earth. And if that isn’t mad enough, further developments are currently being constructed around it that are going one step further, recreating the Milky Way in a new set of islets called “The Universe”.

As great as all this is though, you can’t see any of it most of the time. It’s something you can only admire in its full glory from the right perspective - and that’s where skydiving comes in! Falling from a high altitude is by far the best way to see the Palm Islands, as you can see the whole lot of them in a singular glance, before swiftly closing in on one of them to get a real sense of its scale.

Skydive Dubai have a whole team of experienced skydivers that can give you the best experience as you hurtle towards the city, and there are other drop points too, with some sending you past the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper. Night jumps and tandem dives have also become popular, but no matter which kind of drop you choose, you’re guaranteed to get the absolute best view of Dubai’s crazy coast. It’s unlike anything you will have ever seen before.

Paragliding in the Alps

The Alps are renowned the world over as being one of the best locations for winter sports. As a badge of honour to prove that fact, the Winter Olympic Games has been hosted in the Swiss, French, Italian, Austrian and German Alps – they just can’t stay away!

Of course, this does mean that other forms of sport and recreation are rarely even considered by the millions that flock to the mountains every year, who opt to mostly just stick with the skiing and snowboarding. We’d like to change that line of thought though. When you go to mountains as grandiose as these, you need to be able to appreciate their full majesty.

Careening down through the snow is admittedly a great way to experience the journey down the many inclines, but your line of sight is always fixated forwards, and focused on the task at hand. Chairlifts back up to the top don’t make up for this either, as you have no control or agency to what you’re doing.

For more information and airport transfers to France or other Alpine countries visit our pages.

So, what’s the in-between? The best of both worlds? That’s easy – it’s paragliding, of course! It may not seem so at first, but it has all the thrills of skiing down a mountain, infused with the more relaxed nature of the chairlift that takes you back up. And it’s not just a perfect compromise, as it also comes with its own unique benefits. Some sides of the mountains are not accessible to skiers or snowboarders, but they’re perfectly fine to fly over, and you’re also not limited by the type of terrain, totally free to continue past the snow and over the lush greenery and expansive lakes.

As well as being the best way to have full 360 degree views of some of the greatest vistas on the planet, paragliding is also an experience that can be informative. With companies like Airtime Paragliding, you spend your flight strapped to an expert pilot, and as the glide is relatively leisurely, they can freely tell you all about the sights as you soar above them.

More to come!

So, that’s all we have time for today, but we found so many more stunning places to see from the sky that we want to keep sharing!

Next week, we’ll be revisiting this topic to tell you all about the best place to take a trip in a hot air balloon, as well as the top choice location for a helicopter tour.

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