Have you watched the Star Wars films over and over again, just wishing you could be part of the adventure in some small way? We have some good news for you! The breathtaking otherworldly locations are accessible to fans of both the movies and travel alike. While we walk you through the top 5 locations, May the 4th be with you!

Death Valley National Park, USA

We’ve written about this natural treasure before. The mountainous landscape of Death Valley National Park is known for its breathtaking colours, so it’s no surprise that George Lucas decided to use this location as a backdrop for Tatooine in the film “A New Hope”.

Lenno, Italy

As you might have guessed, this list takes you all over the world. Our next stop is Lenno, Italy. This Mediterranean paradise is where the romantic scenes between Anakin and Padme in “Attack of the Clones” were filmed. Rekindle your own romance and geek out while taking in scenery that will make you swoon.

Tunisia, Africa

Take a trip to the breathtaking deserts of North Africa where “A New Hope” and “Attack of the Clones” were filmed. As you travel through Tunisia, you may notice many backdrops from famous scenes. Quite a few locations in this desert paradise played host to the filming, with the ruins and ancient buildings giving rise to a lot of creative inspiration for these movies. p>

Grindelwald, Switzerland

It should come as no surprise that Switzerland made this list, the country hugged by the breathtaking Alps, seems to inspire a never-ending list of movies. George Lucas is no exception to the list of directors blown away by the breathtaking views in Grindelwald, so much so that he filmed scenes for both “Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” in this location. Put on your hiking shoes and prepare to be taken to paradise as you walk through this landscape.

Tikal, Guatemala

Nestled in Tikal National Park is an ancient city of Mayan ruins. These ancient and almost magical buildings inspired scenes in “A New Hope”. This Heritage site is worth seeing for the history alone, being one of the oldest and largest sites to see life left behind by ancient civilisations.


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