Whilst travel agents on the highstreets were once our first port of call for booking holidays, the tide has turned as holidaymakers increasingly turn to the internet. Thanks to smart phones, we can access a wealth of information at our fingertips, and it seems planning the trip and reading the reviews is all part of the fun travel experience. So, do we really need travel agents?


Speaking to top travel bloggers such as Emily Luxton Travels, Girl About the Globe, The Opportunistic Travellers and The Travel Hack, we found out their top technology tips to help you travel like a blogger...


Becky Wiggins - English Mum

If you're looking for great independent accommodation, then Airbnb is always a great place to start. Skyscanner is fabulous for finding the best value flights. For hotels, try member-only flash sale sites like Secret Escapes and Voyage Privé - they often have great deals and aren't just for package holidays. For beautiful inspiration, I love beachtomato.com too.


Ana Silva O’Reilly - Mrs O Around the World

I tend to book my airfare direct - because of upgrades, and it does pay to be loyal to an airline. Google Flights is probably the best invention since sliced bread… I go there every day and have not only learned a lot… I have saved thousands.


Emily Luxton - Emily Luxton Travels

I love Skyscanner for finding flights - they're definitely one of the easiest sites to use and you can set up email alerts to let you know if the flights you're looking at drop in price.


Evo Terra and Shelia Dee - The Opportunistic Travelers

Adioso is the most flexible flight software out there. TripAdvisor still reigns supreme for specific aspects, though it's getting a little crowded. Podcasts and blogs are driving more interest than ever (and I'm biased towards podcasts, since it's what we do on or comedy travel show This One Time (ShEvo.wtf/podcast) and what I do on the Bangkok Podcast (BangkokPodcast.com).


Lisa Imogen Eldridge - Girl About the Globe

Blogs such as Nomadic Matt gives tips on how to travel the world cheaply and bloggers who have been to the same places that people are looking to travel to who give an honest account of what a place is like. Lonely Planet guides can help with creating your own itinerary but there is so much information out there that it is easy to plan your trip nowadays.


Monica Scott - The Travel Hack

I like Skyscanner for booking flights and Doris and Dicky for hotels. Doris and Dicky is great because they feature boutique hotels for under £100 so it really is affordable luxury. I usually look to travel blogs for itinerary ideas and things to do.


Char Taylor - Taylor Hearts Travel

I love using Booking.com for my accommodation as it has such a wide range, but more importantly lots of the properties offer free cancellation. Sometimes as you organise more of a trip you realise another neighbourhood might be better or that you actually need a two night stay rather than one night, so it's good to have that flexibility.


Alice Teacake - Teacake Travels

Trip.com / Tourlina app / AirBNB


Apart from Hoppa.com of course, do you have a go to app or site when it comes to planning your travels? We’d love to know.

Paula Clark

14/10/2017 15:31:53

I use hotels.com for booking accommodation you get to choose from lots of hotel and for every ten nights you stay you get one free night you soon gather rewards you get one for every night for stay

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