Have you ever travelled somewhere and thought ‘this place looks familiar’ only to work out you’ve seen it in a movie? Well, over the past few decades there’s been plenty of box office hit movies that were filmed in hotels all over the world. A lot of movies were filmed in real locations, and one of the most popular spots people remember are the hotels. Here at hoppa, we decided to research into the hotels where some of the most famous movies were filmed and see if you can stay there...

The Plaza Hotel // New York - Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, 1992

If you’re a fan of Home Alone 2 you’ll remember Kevin staying in a luxury hotel in New York. This is a real hotel and it was used for the filming of Home Alone 2. This hotel is The Plaza Hotel, located at the end of 5th Avenue, giving you views of Central Park. The hotel was used a lot for filming during the movie as Kevin stays there whilst lost in New York. The hotel is available to stay in, average costs for 1 night can be around £500.

Beverly Wilshire // Beverly Hills – Pretty Woman, 1990

A famous classic movie, Pretty Woman! Set in Beverly Hills and filmed in Beverly Hills, this movie sees Julia Roberts staying in the well-known Beverly Wilshire hotel located on Wilshire Blvd. You can stay in a normal suite in this hotel, however, due to the famous movie, they offer a Pretty Woman package, which includes staying in the presidential suite, enjoying a spa day, a personal shopper, a romantic dinner and limo ride. You can choose the package you want, however, the price starts at £10,000.

Caesars Palace // Las Vegas – The Hangover, 2009

Many people would have seen the comedy movie, The Hangover. The movie was set in Las Vegas and filmed in Las Vegas. The four friends stay in Caesars Palace, where they filmed the majority of the film, however, the trashed hotel room was re-created on a sound stage. Depending on the time of year, the cost to stay at Caesars Palace varies but you can get cheap deals.

Fontainebleau Miami Beach // Miami Beach – James Bond Goldfinger, 1965

A fan of James Bond? You may notice the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel featured in Goldfinger. This hotel has also featured in a list of other movies: The Bodyguard, The Specialist and The BellBoy. Located on the oceanfront of Collins Avenue, it’s situated in the perfect location in Miami. The hotel has plenty of things to enjoy, from swimming pools to bars to spas and salons; this luxury hotel has something for everyone and it was featured in a James Bond movie, so it would be a pretty cool place to stay.

Timberline Lodge // Mount Hood, Oregon – The Shining, 1980

The 1980 film, The Shining was mainly filmed in studios, however the exterior shots of the hotel were the Timberline Lodge. The Timberline Lodge hotel is located in Mount Hood in Northern Oregon. It’s the perfect place to stay for those who love skiing and winter sports. The hotel is available to stay in and has plenty of activities going on, so if you’re looking to hit the slopes, stay here!

St. Regis Princeville // Kauai, Hawaii - The Descendants, 2011

The award-winning film The Descendants was filmed a lot in Kauai, Hawaii. The hotel used for filming was the St Regis Princeville. This hotel has stunning views and is the perfect place for a luxury get-a-way. There were scenes shot in the lobby and presidential suite. You can stay in this luxury suite so if you’re thinking of enjoying a peaceful break in Kauai, check out this popular hotel.

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