When travelling abroad it can be hard to know what to pack, and it can be tempting to pack everything, including the kitchen sink. However, baggage restrictions, especially if you're just taking hand luggage, can mean that taking too much with you results in added costs.

To save you some hassle and dilemmas over what you should take on holiday, we've scoured the web and the shops to find the best travel accessories to pack this year. From space-saving gadgets to safety devices and essential entertainment, we've got it all covered below:

Lush Shampoo Bar

When it comes to keeping fresh on your travels, the Lush Shampoo Bar is a must. Lasting around 3 months, it is great for avoiding spillages or if you have liquid restrictions and are taking hand luggage. There are several scents available and you can also purchase a round tin to keep your bar clean, which we’d recommend.


Packing Cubes

Available in many sizes, packing cubes are sure to keep you organised on your travels. Not only do they give you dignity, hiding anything that may pop out of your luggage, but they also make unpacking a whole lot easier.


Headphone Splitter and Keyring

This useful keyring won’t take up much of your packing space but will certainly come in handy at some point on your trip. You can share it with a travel buddy and listen to an audio guide at the same, or listen to music or TV in the car or on the plane.



We are all familiar with the slight panic you feel when you can’t spot your luggage on the carousel, wondering if it’s going to be last or, in the worst case, lost. Treat yourself to peace of mind with LugLoc and track your belongings while travelling through a smartphone app. Simply pack the device in your bag and see your luggage location displayed on a map using your phone.


Pocket Picnic Blanket

This is a useful accessory which can fit into the tiniest of spaces in your pocket or bag. With the pocket picnic blanket, you’ll never be caught out for a place to sit. After all, you always seem to find the most beautiful locations when you least expect.


Travel Door Alarm

Enjoy a good night's sleep knowing your room is safe with a travel door alarm. After a quick and easy set-up, the alarm will sound a piercing alarm if anyone trains to gain access to your room, which is sure to scare off any intruders. This alarm can also be used on windows.


Wide-Angle Clip Camera Lens

Enhance your photography using just your smartphone with a clip-on lens. This tiny lens comes in a small pouch and is quick and easy to attach. Capture even better memories by getting more in each photo.


Have you got any recommendations for top travel accessories? Let us know in the comments below. Wherever you decide to go this year, book your airport transfer with hoppa and arrive happy!

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