Are these the next 7 wonders of the world? Instagram says they are!

Although it might be hard to believe, it’s been over a decade since the New7Wonders of the World were revealed, including Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, and Christ the Redeemer, but does this mean they’re the most visited? In November 2017, Instagram reported its most hashtagged cities of the year, which included New York, Moscow, London, Paris and Barcelona.

Surprisingly, none of these cities are home to any of the New7Wonders. So we did some digging and found that these cities’ top attractions are in fact more popular on Instagram than the New7Wonders!

Magic Kingdom hits the top of the list by an impressive stretch, with almost 4 million* mentions of the #magickingdom hashtag, shortly followed by Dubai’s Burj Khalifa at just over 2 million uses of #burjkhalifa. In third place, The Louvre has racked up almost 2 million – making it a strong contender to replace the Eiffel Tower as Paris’ top attraction.

This compares to some fairly low mentions for the current wonders. Christ the Redeemer has had less than 90,000 mentions, the Great Wall of China less than 400,000 and Chichen Itza under 500,000 – somewhat underwhelming numbers by comparison. You can find out more below. 

Does this mean it’s time for Machu Picchu to hand its 7 wonders crown over to Disneyworld? This year’s Instagram data suggests it might be…

*all data accurate as of December 2017

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