If you are like many of the Brits and like nothing more than pie, be excited as today is the start of British Pie Week! To commemorate this week of deliciousness, we wanted to share with you some fun facts and tantalisingly tasty recipes to give you a little inspiration.


  • Until the 14th century, the only meaning of the pie in English was as a word for magpie
  • In 16th century England, it was popular for the upper class to have live animals jump out of their pies when cut. These were named 'surprise pies' and included all sorts of creatures from frogs to foxes.
  • On 22nd December 1657, Oliver Cromwell, of England, considered pies a forbidden pagan pleasure. He banned mince pies from Christmas Day as well as other food associated with the 'pagan' holiday, such as turkey and Christmas ale. This lasted over ten years but was eventually lifted in 1660.
  • The winner of the World Pie Eating Championships, which has been held in Wigan for the past 23 years, is Martin Appleton Clare for the second consecutive year. The first person to have won three trophies, Martin scoffed a meat and potato pie in 45.5 seconds, 'pie-ing off' all the competition.
  • According to a survey with 2,000 respondents in 2016, Brits voted apple pie their favourite pie filling. Shepherds pie came second, with steak and ale following closely after. Beef and beer came just before banoffee which fell last.


Pies Around the World

England: Cornish Pasty 

Image Source: Lavender and Lovage Image Source: Lavender and Lovage

If you would like to recreate this English classic, visit Karen at Lavender and Lovage for 'Annie's Cornish Pasties' recipe.

Philippines: Buko Pie 

Image Source: Junblog Image Source: Junblog

Visit Jun Belen at Junblog where he shares stories from his Filipino kitchen if you would like to try this recipe.

Morocco: Bisteeya 

Image Source: Taste.com Image Source: Taste.com

If you like the look of this Moroccan chicken and almond filo pie, visit Taste.com.

Australia: No-Bake Vegan French Silk Pie

Image Source: Just Paleo Food Image Source: Just Paleo Food

Vegan, gluten or dairy free? Try this quick and easy recipe from Just Paleo Food.

South Korea: Tomato Pie 

Image Source: Love Lola Blog Image Source: Love Lola Blog

If you would like to enjoy a pie without having to worry about the calories, visit Love Lola for Lola's 'lightened-up tomato pie' recipe.

Mexico: Apple and Cinnamon Pie Chimichanga

Image Source: allrecipes Whether you would like a Mexican inspired breakfast or a tasty treat, visit allrecipes.com if you would like to bake an apple pie with a twist.  

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