London in three words: tea, weather, pubs. Stereotypical? Perhaps. But these simple everyday words play a significant part in the way London is perceived not just nationally, but across the globe. In fact, no matter the country, there are generally common associations that tint our perspective in some way or another - and across a variety of platforms. Nowadays, Twitter is the place to share thoughts, experiences and opinions with the great wide world. So we were curious to know how the world’s most popular cities are described on the Twittersphere. On any given day, does Twitter know our favourite cities better than we do? Turns out….it just might. We analysed 1000 tweets per city and recorded the most descriptive words we found in those tweets. Whilst we found a lot of news items dominated, the words that are repeated and unrelated to a specific event or trend, are pretty telling. 1 Our verdict? That yes, Twitter probably does know more about world cities more than the average Joe off the street. Based on our research, Twitter captures the atmosphere of the city, what’s going on there at the moment, and highlights the unique characteristics that even locals would agree with.

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Click the city names to view a different skyline made up of the most commonly associated words from the users of Twitter!

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