Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced the ease of lockdown and subsequent phases. Since then, with May bringing possible international travel with it, the travel industry and those itching to jet off are already feeling the travel bug.

So, the lockdown roadmap comprises several phases. Contingent on events and the success of each phase’s rollout, come May, the skies could be filled with aeroplanes, passports with stamps, and airports with eager travellers.

In efforts to skip every detail of each phase and talk travel, we’ll only delve into the phase affecting travellers and those ready to dust off their luggage and get packing! Stage three, said to commence in April, will hopefully see the Department Of Transport reviewing travel within UK borders as possible for local leisure travellers and giving all thumbs-up. During this phase, outdoor hospitality and holidays within the UK, in self-contained accommodation, will resume. Then, the day we've all been waiting for – the 17th of May will possibly see the resumption of international travel.

More Good News For UK Leisure Travellers

A possible travel corridor could be another option for those seeking to travel outside of the UK. The UK government is in talks with Israel ministers about a possible travel corridor. Vaccinated UK leisure travellers might also be in luck with possible travel allowed to locations welcoming vaccinated UK citizens. Places such as Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Poland, Estonia and Iceland. Even cruises are said to possibly make space for vaccinated UK travellers.

Should these travel options open up, be sure not to be left behind. While not mandatory, getting vaccinated is like pre-booking your next overseas trip. It possibly opens up travel opportunities that would otherwise be denied to those not vaccinated. Currently, the UK government is working on vaccine passports for overseas trips.

Book Now For Later With Confidence!

Globetrotting is returning, and while we all wait for the phases to rollout, why not plan your future trip now? You can book with confidence with hoppa, even in these uncertain times. Our new cancellation protection and refund options allow you to plan ahead, even if the future doesn’t allow for international travel just yet. For more information on COVID and travel, as well as our Refund Protect options, click here.

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