Spain is one of the top destinations of hoppaGo clients and we love being a ground-transportation supplier for this magnificent country.

There are many places to visit in this historical, cultural and beautiful country that everyone should see at least once in their lifetime

If your clients are looking for some destinations in Spain, here are some for you to suggest.


The largest of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife offers relaxation, adventure, good times and the best weather. There is so many activities on offer here, you won’t know where to start. From water sports, to clubbing, to relaxing on the beach, to exploring the unique gems such as the Mount Teide – the highest peak in Spain. And if your client happens to be travelling during February or March, don’t forget to tell them about the vibrant Carnival that happens every year in the capital City Santa Cruz. This Carnival is one of the largest in the world so make sure that your client doesn’t miss it.


If your client is looking for a history, culture and food explosion, then Malaga is the place they need to be. This underrated place is the new cosmopolitan city of Spain and should not be overlooked. Just some of Malaga’s offerings are castles, fortresses, markets, the Roman Theatre, beaches and museums. Make sure your client is all set to see it all.


Alicante is a destination that is full of stunning beaches, huge plazas, wonderful parks and lots of adventure as well as great weather. If diversity is what your client is looking for, make sure they visit this outstanding city. And if they are looking for a once in a lifetime experience, Alicante transforms into a big bonfire party on the 23rd June every year for the Bonfires of Saint John – an event that should not be missed.

We, at hoppaGo, look forward to helping your clients get around these picture-perfect holiday destinations!

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