There are two kinds of people in the world. There are people who feel refreshed and awakened in the cold air of winter, and those who prefer to hide under their duvet until spring. For those hearty souls whom winter excites; it’s cause to break out the woollies, cozy up next to a roaring fire and stalk the weather channel in hopes of a snowy forecast. And then of course, for those who would prefer to ignore the season all together, frigid winter weather is just another reason to jump the next plane for a sun-drenched holiday, the hotter the better. No matter whether you choose to channel your inner Eskimo or prefer to seek out sun and surf we have a perfect holiday destination for you.

For Sun

With two gorgeous coasts to choose from and sultry sunsets galore, Mexico is just the place to shake off those winter blues. The tequila probably doesn’t hurt either. Facing the Pacific Ocean and at the tip of Baja California, is the celebrity-studded resort town of Cabo San Lucas. Cabo is a flourishing locale known for its lavish all-inclusive resorts and exclusive villas. Verdant golf courses, deluxe spas and sumptuous seafood restaurants round out the Cabo’s alluring appeal. Playa-del-Carmen-mexico Playa del Carmen Playa del Carmen is a quieter alternative to Cancun’s party atmosphere. It offers fantastic beaches, excellent dining and a hip nightlife scene with a Euro-chic appeal that draws expats to this Yucatan hot spot. Off the Yucatan peninsula is Cozumel, a popular stop for cruise ships. The island is blessed with translucent turquoise waters that home spectacular coral reefs, perfect for diving and snorkelling. Once a hidden jewel on the Maya Riviera, Tulum is prospering as a boho-escape with stylish accommodations that lean towards the luxury market. Tulum remains a peaceful alternative for those looking for pure relaxation thanks to its many chic spas and yoga retreats. Tulum Tulum
Gran Canaria
For a taste of summer closer to home, Gran Canaria is all you need. You’ll start defrosting as soon as you step off the plane at Las Palmas Airport and know you’ve arrived at the right place. While all of the Canary Islands enjoy year-round sunshine, we especially love Gran Canaria for its fun-in-the sun beaches and eclectic capital. Las Palmas Las Palmas Las Palmas, the lively capital city is always a buzz with jostling shopping districts, funky bars and plenty of fine dining with a Spanish twist. Maspalomas is the island’s most famous beach, and for good reason. The seven miles of golden sand beach and blue surf are irresistible. Another beach that has made a name for itself is Playa de Ingles. Named appropriately after it’s most loyal visitors, Playa del Ingles welcomes thousands of Brits every year who come to enjoy the sun’s bronzing rays. The elegant town of Puerto Rico is where luxury meets the sea. Here you will find whitewashed high-rises snuggled on the sloping hillside, chic boutiques along the promenade and plenty of nightly entertainment to keep you dancing until dawn. Cape Verde Boa Vista, Cape Verde
The Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde is a string of islands once colonised by the Portuguese explorers along the coast of West Africa. Each of the ten islands have their own unique natural splendours but what they have in common, are equal parts exotic and recluse. Their warm temperatures and year round sunshine make them an ideal winter sun getaway. White and gold sand beaches seem to stretch on endlessly along the Sal and Boa Vista coastlines, which are the most popular islands for beaching-loving tourists. Culture vultures will want to visit the islands of Santiago, known for it’s rich history, vibrant culture and exciting nightlife; and Sao Vicente, which is the epicentre of the country’s music, art and literary scene. And if you care to make the great escape, the islands of Sao Nicolau and Maio remain virtually untouched by tourism and home to striking and unspoilt natural scenery.  

For Snow

Swiss Alps
A haven for skiers and snow bunnies alike. Cheerful towns rest on snowy slopes and promise breath-taking vistas and renowned runs. Zermatt is well known as one of the world’s best ski resorts. Zermatt also boasts more than 60 eateries along the snow-covered slopes, to feed all the hungry skiers. Enjoy world-class dining and drinking after a long day cruising the three mountains and almost 250 kilometres of runs. The glamorous resort town of St. Moritz is alpine posh at its finest. An abundance of 5-Star hotels and pristine powder ensure that your skiing experience is nothing short of luxurious. Davos is the largest resort in the Swiss Alps and the highest town in Europe. The town is the place for winter sports, with plenty of outdoor enjoyment for the whole family. Verbier is a very sophisticated French-speaking town ski town. It offers stunning views of Matterhorn and Mont Blanc as well as a bubbly nightlife. Verbier is also ideal for serious skiers as it offers nearly 100 lifts and over 400 kilometres of runs. The Swiss Alps The Swiss Alps
Did someone say Arctic adventure? Greenland is snow-covered paradise for those chill-seekers looking to push their limits. For the best fjord and glacier-watching experience head to Iluslissat, now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a boat ride out to where monumental icebergs float carelessly through the frigid waters and it won’t just be the cold that takes your breath away. And if you’re really lucky you’ll spot some whale tales breaking the water’s surface. The capital city of Nuuk is a northern metropolitan wonder that shows off the best of Greenland’s European and Inuit cultures. Be sure to check out the National Museum and the Nuuk Art Museum. Brimming with cool cafes, bars and restaurants Nuuk serves up some of the country’s best gastronomic fare. Destination Arctic Circle is your gateway to Greenland’s outdoor activities. Between dog sledding, hiking, skiing, hunting, fishing and kayaking you will have your fill of winter fun. Glaciers off of Greenland Glaciers off of Greenland
Winter in Sweden is a wintry mix of traditional Scandinavian charm, outstanding natural beauty and quirky escapades. Lapland Lapland Visit the beautiful blank canvases in the Lapland for the ultimate snow-bound getaway. It's here where you can hear the excited yelps and barks of husky sledding and spend a night at the famous Icehotel for totally unique experience. To absorb the ephemeral glow of the Northern lights, head to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park. Bergen Bergen Fly into Bergen and behold Norway’s beloved city, which is twice as charming covered in the season’s white blanket. Surrounded by the seven snow-capped mountains and an icy fjord strewn sea, Bergen is a winter wonderland. Sledding down Mount Floyen is a great family affair and taking a cable car up Mount Ulriken is worth the awe-inspiring panoramic views. Beyond Bergen you can try your hand at bobsledding at the former Olympic bobsleigh venue in Lillehammer. Or, for those who prefer their adventures at a slower speed, can explore the icy tundra on Norway’s northern border. Whether you decide on hiking, biking or the exhilarating thrill of “ski sailing” your mettle will be tested on this wintry terrain.

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