Taking a solo trip abroad can be one of life’s greatest adventures: a chance to explore on your own, picking up friends and new cultures along the way. However, it can also be daunting; being so far from home and the people you know and love is likely to cause some trepidation.

But fear not, we’ve compiled some top tips for solo travellers, so you can leave your worries behind and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Pack Light

Don’t be weighed down with heavy bags as you’ll be carrying them around for the duration of your trip. In many countries you’ll be able to pick up any extra bits and pieces you require on the cheap. Before you set off try to find travel versions of bulkier items; check out our post on the best travel accessories for more ideas.

Talk to Strangers

Get to know new people on your trip. Chat with locals to find some hidden gems and say hi to other travellers staying nearby to find out whether they have any hot tips. Travelling alone needn’t mean you’ll be lonely. Enjoy your own company but when the opportunity arises talk to the people you find yourself with.


Make sure you have some idea of where you’re going to stay, if possible booking the first night in advance. Also, figure out how to get from the airport or train station to your accommodation before you arrive. One of the best things about travelling solo is the freedom, so make these basic plans, but enjoy doing things your own way.

Keep Back Ups

When you’re lucky enough to have access to Wi-Fi, back up your photos and videos to the cloud or by emailing them to yourself. Do the same with important paperwork, such as booking confirmations. While you’re online, why not also check social media for local posts to see what other travellers in the area are up to?

Check In

Another thing to do when you get Wi-Fi is to check in with friends and family. Fire off some quick emails or make some calls as it can be nice to hear a familiar voice and to let them know your plans. Maybe send out a few postcards, too, as who doesn’t love to receive post? It's also a good opportunity to share your plans with them and keep them informed of where you'll be when.

Learn to Say ‘No’

As much as travelling is about saying ‘yes’ to adventure, you must also learn to say ‘no’. If you can, learn how to say these phrases in the local language, as while you hopefully wouldn’t need to, in some tourist locations being able to say ‘no’ can be important.

Eat Alone

There’s no shame in dining alone and being on your own shouldn’t mean you can’t enjoy the finer things in life. Avoid living on junk or convenience food for the duration of your trip and enjoy eating in a restaurant from time to time. While you're there, step out of your comfort zone and try some of the local cuisine.

Stay Safe

Travelling alone is generally safe, but be mindful of your environment and safety. Without fellow travel companions to watch your back, look out for yourself as best you can. Be aware of local scams, keep an eye on your valuables and watch your drink if you’re out at night.

Most of all have fun and enjoy every moment of your solo adventure!

Have you got any top tips you'd like to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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