Everyone has had that perfect travel experience, where the stars align and everything from take off to check-in flows seamlessly in your favour. When that happens, albeit rarely, it’s a phenomenon we like to call ‘travel heaven.’ A somewhat mystical place where missing baggage, delayed flights and dirty hotel rooms are not allowed. It’s where you get that free upgrade to first class and a room with a million dollar view, where you wind up at a breath-taking destination with your selfie-stick in hand. Unfortunately, the flip side of travel heaven is…. you guessed it, ‘travel hell’ where discomfort, loud noise and uncleanliness reign supreme. Sometimes, all it takes is one unpleasant aspect, like a noisy hotel neighbour, to dampen a whole holiday. But what else qualifies as ‘travel heaven’ or ‘travel hell’? And more importantly, what do those aspects tell us about what’s important to today’s travellers?  Our findings told an interesting story of what really matters to the modern traveller. Like how a surprising 68.03% of people would rather keep it old-school and prefer a hotel with a scenic view rather than free WIFI. Or, how travellers would rather forget their clothing than their mobile phones. Chart1 HeavenVHell


As mentioned, the leading key to hotel heaven was an amazing view at an impressive 68%. Great Wifi trailed in second at a lesser 13.7%. Probably the most surprising finding was how little travellers cared about receiving a reduced cost room or free mini bar, with each amounting to just 2% each! Money isn't everything, not when you have WiFi and a view! Chart4 Hotel LoveVHate2


Flight heaven and hell was a bit more predictable, who wouldn’t want to score a free upgrade to first class? Ka-ching! That heavenly scenario was closely followed by more legroom. This finding makes sense because the biggest pet peeve for travellers was lack thereof. The next worse thing? A screaming child close by….we’ve all been there. Chart2 Flight LoveVHatejpg On arrival, it's clear to see that the huge preference leans to just 'getting on' with the holiday for most people. The idea of having a car ready and waiting was far more convincing than any kind of experience or luxury. Good to see the British public are living up to stereotypes though, with the cup of tea coming in a strong second place ahead of meeting celebrities, getting a comforting hug or a glass of bubbly! Chart3 Touchdown Love


When looking at the items we'd hate to forget to take with us, it was Money that topped the list for nearly a third of people choosing that. Maybe the most surprising point in this was that people would rather forget their clothes than their mobile phones. Another surprising find is that more people would prefer to remember their selfie-stick than toiletries or makeup! Chart6 LeastLikeToForget2 We thought most people would love the opportunity to spend a week relaxing at the beach. However, our survey found that a large majority of travellers would much rather spend their holiday at a ‘world wonder’ than on a beach. This was even more apparent with travellers who adore their selfie-sticks. Out of those, 41% would rather spend time with their family and 38% would love to snapshots at a ‘world wonder’ but a whopping 56% selfie-stickers hated the idea of a beach-break! Chart5 SelfieStick On the other hand, beach lovers themselves hate the idea of a holiday backpacking or caravanning, with all beach lovers choosing one of these two options 71.7% of the time as their holiday hell! Seems like the idea of a holiday in a caravan didn’t bode well for most travellers, as it was the most ‘hellish holiday’ idea of them all. Looks like Majorca and Faro are more desirable than Skegness and Bognor Regis!?


The thread that ran throughout the survey findings highlights the importance of comfort, convenience and travel photos that will score us loads of ‘Likes’. We want lots of legroom, a car awaiting our arrival to speed us to that hotel room (use hoppa *cough cough*!) near the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, the Colosseum or the Taj Mahal with those jaw-dropping views that social media loves. The power of social media is a driving force behind our idea of travel heaven. Perhaps that’s why bumping into a celebrity at an airport was more than twice as important than receiving a hug from a loved one after a flight. Sorry granny, Bieber takes precedence. And if our travel experiences don’t measure up? Then it’s hello to cramped flights, dingy rooms and yes, travel hell.

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