It’s safe to say that we could all use a little colour and festivity in our lives right now. For LGBTQ month we take a look at the biggest Pride Parades in the world, some of which reach staggering headcounts. These fun-filled festivals are visited by well-known live acts and costumes that have been born from the most creative imaginations. There are no shortages of cultures to explore and places to visit these parades, visit one or visit them all!

New York, USA

The Stonewall Riots in New York were the birth of the LGBTQ revolution, and as such, New York remains the most well-known and biggest Pride celebration in the world. Being the first home of the parade, millions flock annually to join in the celebration. The streets are taken over by colour, music, and life, all proceeding towards Times Square where the most famous acts fight to perform for the end party.

Paris, France

A haven of the arts and home to some of the most liberal minds in history, it should come as no surprise that another popular Pride event takes place in Paris. While not as big as the New York celebrations, the Marche des Fiertés is still worth seeing. The romantic streets of Paris undergo a transformation and hundreds of thousands of participants take to the streets in celebration of love, expression, and identity.


This list wouldn’t be complete without the party capital of the world. The São Paolo celebrations have become so big that they recently beat the Guinness World record on headcount at a Pride event. If there is one Pride procession that you know will be a party, it’s this one. We dare you to try and match the costumes that’ll greet you at these celebrations.


One of Europe's biggest Pride events, the CSD Berlin, is definitely worth going to see. Berlin's celebration is one of the oldest Pride events, right up there with the New York Pride parade. This celebration of LGBTQ life sees Germany’s capital city completely taken over and transformed, ending in live performances that are hard to beat.


Although the Cuban Pride celebration is the smallest on our list, it is still worth mentioning. The 22-year-old celebration known as “IDAHO: the International Day Against Homophobia” is a step towards recognition of gay rights in a formerly oppressive government. The unique South American culture adds a definite flavour to the event, and that’s exactly what sets these celebrations apart from their larger, flashier international counterparts.


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