"This was my first year attending Travel Technology Europe and the Business Travel Show. The focus of both shows appears to be on the quality and not the quantity of exhibitors and this makes the event well worth the time. The layout of the event is very well organized, and the venue not too big so you don’t wear down your shoe leather too much when getting from meeting to meeting.

At TTE, from an existing business point of you, it was excellent to put a name to the faces I have been dealing with and having conversations about how we can work together and achieve great things moving forward.

There were also some excellent talks by industry experts that myself and my colleagues attended.

At the Business Travel Show which was running on the ground floor, there was a plethora of some the largest names in the industry and was a fantastic networking opportunity, which I hope will bear fruit for the future of hoppaGo." - James Gladwish (Business Development Manager - hoppaGo)

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