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The stunning island of Gran Canaria is an immensely popular holiday destination thanks to the variety of breath-taking beaches that line its shores. So while most tourists are more than happy to spend their day’s soaking up the sun and enjoying the surf at Playa del Ingles, Puerto Rico or one of the many other resorts, those looking for a more active and culturally enriching holiday will not be disappointed. So if you desire a break from the sand and surf, head inland and explore all of the amazing sites and experiences Gran Canaria offers, away from the water.

5 Awesome Ways to Discover the Real Gran Canaria

  1. The island is a constant hub of cultural celebrations and if you are lucky enough to visit the island during one of the many festivals, well do as the locals do and dance and revel in the delights!
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Beach carnival 2015 parade on the Las

The island’s top festivals include: the colourful religious offerings during the Virgen del Pino in Teror; the mud-throwing fun during Santa Brigada’s Festival in Telde; the musical procession of La Rama festival; the slippery fish-catching fun of El Charco in San Nicholas; and of course the biggest party of them all, the Carnival celebrations in Las Palmas

  1. Explore the island’s natural beauty in the World Biosphere Reserve and Nublo Rural Park. The island has an incredibly diverse geographic landscape and makes a beautiful setting for outdoor adventures. Hike, walk, cycle and even climb across Gran Canaria to make the most of this idyllic island.
Flora of Gran Canaria - white Eacgium flowers, Roque Nublo in the background
  1. Learn all about Gran Canaria’s craft-cheese from the masters themselves at farms like Quesos El Inciensal in Galdar. Queso de Flor or ‘flower cheese’  also known as Flor de Guia cheese, describes the unique method of using the juice from the flowerheads of a species of thistle flower  to curdle the sheep's milk. It's a delicious culinary adventure that will be equally educational and delicious!
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  1. Take a thrilling air tour and see the island from the sky with your choice of helicopter, mini plane or an exciting ride on a paratrike. There’s no better way to see all of the island’s natural wonders than from the air!
View from above on the north coast of Gran Canaria island and the capital Las Palmas de Gran Canaria at early morning time
  1. Enjoy a history lesson about the island’s pre-historic and colonial past by visiting Gran Canaria’s fascinating historical sites. First, visit the Cueva Pintada Museum and Archaelogical Park, a cave covered with pre-historic art and then head to the Casa-Museum Colon, which documents Christopher Colombus’s important role in the island.

For an island mostly known for its fantastic seaside resorts and gorgeous beaches, Gran Canaria offers so much more than what you see on the postcards. By discovering the cultural depth, historical significance and rugged natural features of the island, we think your holiday will be all the more special for it.

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