We often take the privilege of spontaneously capturing a moment for granted; from carrying a phone that takes pictures to sharing them across the globe in moments - technology has advanced beyond anything we could have ever imagined. At hoppa, our favourite opportunity to snap those special memories is on holiday, and being the curious souls we are - we decided to take a look at the evolution of the humble holiday photo. Beginning in the days of black and white, full-body bathing suits and British staycations. We’ve looked through years of Polaroids, disposable cameras, and finally, smartphones, to collect decades of iconic holiday pictures. To show the true advancement of photography, printing and the photographic skills of holidaymakers, we’ve compressed 135 years of snaps into a speedy 1 minute 35 seconds. So watch the video below, see this evolution take place… and make your own mind up on whether our holiday photos have evolved for the right reasons! Sadly, our loan on the DeLorean was denied - so we couldn’t go back in time to retrieve holiday snaps from the 1800s. But here at hoppa, we were able to have a snoop through some amazing archives to find just what we were looking for. Though the first photograph was taken in 1814, the first colour camera didn’t come along until 1860 - and it was hardly a point and shoot. The late 1800s was when holiday photography really started to take flight (funnily enough, actual air travel didn’t come until much later, though - 1914 to be exact). In 1888, Kodak introduced the first handheld camera- the No.1 Box camera, and a mere 60 years later the polaroid camera was invented. This was the start of the quick and instant photography we know and love today, albeit in a very different way. Though not crisp and colourful like today’s printed photographs, the Polaroid camera was the first time the average consumer could have a quick print of their holiday snapshot to keep forever. However, film was expensive and the photograph quality somewhat unreliable. Enter the disposable camera, in 1986. This allowed the common point-and-shoot photographer to capture every crucial moment without shelling out on a Polaroid. Inexpensive, easy to use and effective - disposable cameras were (and still are) a solid option for the amateur shutterbug. In 2000, the photography scene changed again - the first camera phone was introduced, allowing photos to be conveniently taken in-between games of Snake. This is the early days of the Instagram insurgency. Soon after, social media became “a thing”, with Myspace being conceived in 2003 and Facebook shortly after in 2004. This came just in time for the Sony Ericsson S750, which proved to the world that phones plus camera equals a great opportunity. However, in 2007 the iPhone went onto the market and smartphones very quickly became the “must-have” item for the masses. Meanwhile, Polaroid ceased production on all of its instant cameras - due to the increasing demand of the digital age, despite being a credit to instant photography. Everything changed in 2010 when Instagram was launched, allowing users to snap, edit and share their images in a totally new way. Today, there’s over 20 billion photos shared - that’s nearly 3 photos for every single person on the planet. Of course, we couldn’t put all of those into our video, so we’ve used our favourite #holidayhashtags instead. From Victorian vacation memories, through to fifties family trips and today’s travel – be sure to share the “Evolution of the Holiday Photo”, so your friends and family can be transported through travel history too!

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