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Walpurgis Night bonfire 104 Every year on November 5th, people across Great Britain celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks, bonfires and torch-light street parades. The holiday commemorates the foiled plot hatched by Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators to blow up the Protestant-controlled house of Parliament in 1605. The attempt to destabilize the government and win power back for English Catholics, was dubbed the Gunpowder plot because the conspirators had placed thirty-six barrels of gun powder in the cellar of parliament and aimed to ignite them when the King, Prince of Wales and Members of Parliament where in the building. All would have gone to plan had not one of the plotters sent an anonymous letter warning one of the Lord’s. When word of the attack reached the King, Guy Fawkes was caught before any damage could be done. The figure of Guy Fawkes has become synonymous with treason, anarchy and anti-government movements, thereby giving reason to celebrate his defeat and reason to commemorate his untimely end every November 5th. Celebrations for Bonfire Night kick off early in London with the Wimbledon Fireworks show at Wimbledon Park on November 3rd. Elsewhere, across the United Kingdom, celebrations will be held on the evenings of November 4th-6th. We have included a list of all of the Bonfire Night 2016 events in London that are kicking off this weekend. We have also highlighted of some of the best places to enjoy the biggest fireworks shows, bonfires and parades across the U.K.

Fireworks Display
November 4th
London’s biggest and brightest Bonfire events this Friday
 Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival

This two-day extravaganza offers visitors an action-packed schedule and host of activities like a vibrant Day of the Dead Parade, a rowdy German Bier Garden, loads of food and drink, an ice skating rink, bonfires and a well-equipped family area with games, rides and face painting for kids. And to top it all off, Alexandra Palace promises the most incredible fireworks displays on Friday and Saturay night. Important to know: Early Bird tickets are Sold Out so be sure to purchase your festival tickets soon! There is no public parking near the event, so using public transportation is highly recommended. Wood Green station is the closest underground station, a 15 minute walk to the park. Trains are likely to be busiest on Friday from 5pm so please leave plenty of time to arrive and get into position. Date: November 4th and 5thPlace: Alexandra Palace For more information or to purchase tickets, click here

More London Bonfire Events on Friday

Bishop’s Park Fireworks

East Village Fireworks at Victory Park

High Elms Golf Course Fireworks

London Kingston Upon Thames Round Table and Rotary club Fireworks at Kingsmeadow Stadium

Totteridge Millhillians Cricket Club

Waltham Forest Fireworks

November 5th

London Guy Fawkes Festival and Fireworks

Date: November 5th and 6th Place: Royal Gunpowder Mill Enjoy activities for all the family including children’s theatre, science shows and a funfair from 2pm at the old gunpowder factory. A fantastic firework display caps off the evening at 7pm.

For more London Fireworks shows on Saturday

Fireworks at Dukes Meadows Golf and Tennis

Ravenscourt Park Fireworks

Morden Park

Barnes Bonfire Night at Barnes Sports Club

Battersea Park Fireworks

Beckenham Fireworks at Croydon Road Recreation Ground


Chislehurst Rotary Fireworks

London Crystal Palace Park

Danson Park

Ealing Cricket Club

Guy Fawkes Night at Wanstead Flats

Hackney Firework Pyromusical at Clissold Park

Harrow Fireworks Display at Byron Recreation Ground

Kempton Fireworks at Kempton Park Racecourse

Southwark’s Fireworks Night at Southwark Park

November 6th

London Bonfire Night Events on Sunday 

Fireworks Night at Victoria Park

Richmond Annual Family Fireworks at Richmond Athletic Ground

Allianz Park

Brent Fireworks Night at Wembley Park

The Biggest Bonfire Nights from around the U.K

Flaming Tar Barrels 2016

ottery-burning-barrels Ottery is home to one of the country’s oldest and most death-defying Bonfire traditions. The celebrations here used to include a torchlight procession of burning barrels being rolled down the road, but somewhere in the event’s history it was decided that simply rolling the barrels wasn’t enough. Now, the flaming barrels are carried on the shoulders of brave procession attendants. Important to know: This event is not recommended for visitors afraid of fire or those who do not like big crowds. Date: November 5thPlace: Ottery St. Mary South Devon For more information or to purchase tickets, clickhere.

Leeds Castle Fireworks Spectacular

leeds-castle-fireworks-bonfire-night This massive annual event is a favourite wih families and is the largest fireworks shows in the South East of England. This year, the event’s theme is ‘Greatest Names in Music’ and visitors who arrive early be treated to live music and a variety of hot food and drink stalls. The firework show kicks off at 5:30 and their bursts of colour illuminate the castle walls below, making this one of the most magical Bonfire Night celebrations in the country. Important to know: The Leeds Castle Fireworks show tickets are Sold Out for both nights. Date: November 5th and 6thPlace: Leeds Castle, Kent For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

 Lewes Bonfire Night

bonfire-night-lewes Photo Credit: IB Times UK Also known simply known as ‘the Fifth’ the town of Lewes takes their Bonfire Night very seriously, and theirs are the largest Fifth Night celebrations in the world. With six individual processions, at least 17 burning crosses along with tons of costumes, fireworks and revelry- Lewes is certainly the U.K.’s most popular and raucous events this going on this weekend. Important to know: Unless you arrive very early, car parking is out of the question. Your best bet is to either use the Bus, The Southern Railway Service or GM Taxi service. Also, be sure to dress very warmly and be prepared for soggy weather! Date: November 5thPlace: Lewes For more information click here.

Heaton Park Bonfire Night

heaton-park-bonfire While there are fireworks events happening all over Manchester, we love the setting, activities and family-friendly environment at Heaton Park’s Bonfire Night. Festivities begin at 5pm with a funfair, then at 7:30 the annual bonfire lights up the night followed by a brilliant fireworks display at 9:30. Important to know: Admission is free. Please do not bring your own fireworks or alcohol, as both will be confiscated upon entry. It is advisable to dress warmly, bring your own torch and utilize public transportation because parking is very limited. Date: November 5thPlace: Heaton Park, Manchester For more information, click here.

Sparks in the Park

Another great Bonfire Night tradition is Cardiff’s Sparks in the Park. Guests will be treated to a spectacular fireworks show, that’s popular with people of all ages. Important to know: Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to purchase your tickets quickly if you’re in the Cardiff area. Date: November 5th Place: Cooper’s Field, Cardiff For more information or to purchase tickets, click here.

Glasgow Fireworks

Photo Credit: Glasgowvant Photo Credit: Glasgowvant Sprawling out in an open grassy field, Glasgow Fireworks returns for another year of bonfire fun. The evening starts at 5pm with a variety of catered food for purchase and a funfair for the kiddies. The pre-show begins at 6:30pm and the exciting fireworks display starts at 7:30pm. Important to know: Admission is free. Date: November 5th Place: Glasgow Green, Glasgow For more information, click here.

Roundhay Park Bonfire Night

This Friday, tens of thousands of people will flock once more to Leeds’ biggest fireworks show. Friend and families will love celebrating the foiled plot of Guy Fawkes at this enormous festival of food, games and fireworks. The annual bonfire will be lighted at 7:30pm with the fireworks display will begin at 8pm. Important to know: Admission is free and it is highly recommend to utilise public transportation as guests will have to wait in a long queue after the event. Date: November 4th Place: Roundhay Park, Leeds For more information, click here.

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