Perched high on the cliff edge, Bonifacio is one of the most spectacular towns in the Mediterranean, with its magnificent coastal setting, deep natural inlet harbour and mountainous backdrop.

Bonifacio is a star attraction in Corsica, drawing visitors from all over the island and overseas to marvel at its medieval houses precariously teetering on the edge of the imposing limestone cliffs. BonifacioΆs Old Town, with a labyrinth of narrow streets and historical buildings, is a fascinating place to wander around and to enjoy a delicious meal.

Bonifacio also boasts a lively marina filled with impressive yachts and lined with chic restaurants, enhancing the vibrancy of this fashionable coastal resort. Add to this the fact that Bonifacio is close to idyllic, unspoiled Corsican beaches as well as staggeringly beautiful mountains, and you have a perfect, varied holiday destination.

Details of the beautiful, pristine beaches within easy access of Bonifacio are given in the Beaches guide, together with useful maps, directions, photos, video footage and details of facilities. Many beaches close to Bonifacio have ideal conditions for windsurfing and kite surfing such as Tonnara and Piantarella.

Suggestions for potential days out are provided in the Day Trips section. Take a boat trip from Bonifacio to the popular wild nature reserve islands of Lavezzi or to the stylish town of Porto-Vecchio or even visit the Italian island of Sardinia. As well as being close to wonderful sandy beaches, a holiday in Bonifacio can easily incorporate mountain walks in the breathtaking peaks of the Alta Rocca, visits to traditional Corsican mountain villages and towns, or exploring prehistoric sites at Pianu di Levie.

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